Greenwich Observatory skyline view

A Walk Through Greenwich

On a particularly fine Saturday in the early spring of 2008, my flatmate and I ventured out for a day trip to Greenwich.

You may be familiar with Greenwich, as it is the home of the Greenwich Meridian, the prime meridian of the world, upon which our modern time zones are based.

Columns on a building at the Royal Naval College in Greenwich
Purple Flower growing in Greenwich
View of the Royal Naval College from the Greenwich Observatory

Greenwich is also home to the Royal Naval College, the National Maritime Museum, and the Royal Observatory. The area was a popular resort town in the 18th century, and the historic buildings have been upkept beautifully since.

I was a little surprised to discover that Greenwich lies inside the greater London area, and is accessible via London’s underground system. Perhaps due to my inability to properly read a map, I had always imagined Greenwich to be much farther outside of London.

Prime Meridian at the Greenwich Observatory

During our visit, we ran across a strange group of costumed young adults. They seemed to be participants in some kind of race. They milled around the observatory grounds for some time before suddenly taking off running down the hill into the park below. Most of them were dressed like various foods, but we did see one man in an elaborate tin foil fork costume.

Food Costumed Characters at the Greenwich Observatory

I love how crazy the British are.

View from the Greenwich Observatory

Erstwhile Expeditions is an ongoing series in which I reflect on my past travel experiences. I recently wrote about my search for a new job in London and the good times I spent with my amazing flatmates. In my last post, I shared some photos from a weekday walk along the Thames.

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