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Into the Pint Glass: Brown Ale

Can you believe it’s already time for another Into the Pint Glass? This link-up is hosted bi-weekly by Mariah and Katie. Today we’re discussing Brown Ale!

Brown Ale is defined by its dark amber or brown color and varies in flavor widely depending on the region in which it is brewed.

Chocolate and caramel flavors are the most common elements found in a brown ale. Ales from northeast England tend to be strong and malty, with a nutty flavor. Southern England’s version tends to be darker and sweeter. American Brown Ales are drier with citrus flavors, and can be a bit more bitter due to American hops varieties.

So, what did I try this week?

Bell’s Best Brown Ale

Bell’s Best Brown Ale boasts a distinct nutty flavor, accompanied by a hint of chocolate. It reminded me of a lighter version of a stout, but much nuttier. I liked it overall but found the nuttiness to be a bit overpowering. Bonus points: the owl on the label looks like my cat when she’s angry.

Best Brown Ale Label     Best Brown Ale Bottle
Brown Ale Cap     Brown Ale Bottle

Kona Brewing Company Koko Brown

This is one of the beers that I tried in Hawaii as part of my Kona Brewing Company sampler. The flavor is primarily overtaken by a strong coconut flavor, accented with subtle hints of chocolate. This beer was extremely smooth, tasty, and sweet. I guess Bell’s is not actually the best brown ale because I prefer this one. Unfortunately, it’s only available in Hawaii.

Kona Brewing Sampler

Did you try any brown ales this week? What are your thoughts on this particular style?

Join me in two weeks when I try Pumpkin Ales — I’m excited for this one!

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    The Kona one sounds SO yummy!! I must get my hands on some of those :) I think the pumpkin linkup is a much awaited one.

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