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Honeymooning at the Ace Hotel and Swim Club

Following our elopement, Eric and I decided to take a small honeymoon trip to Palm Springs. Neither of us had been to Palm Springs, but we’d heard it was an excellent place to get away and relax — which is exactly what we needed!

I’d been hearing all kinds of great things about the Ace Hotel & Swim Club from various sources. I found a great deal online, and I booked us a room for a few nights in mid-October.

We arrived on Columbus Day. It seemed that many people had checked out that morning, and the hotel was relatively empty. As the week progressed, more and more people arrived, but it remained pretty quiet for the duration of our stay.

Our room was excellent. It was clean and hip, with all kinds of trendy decor. Most of the items in the room could be removed and taken home with you for a fee. We had a record player and a small selection of records to listen to. The walls displayed a variety of art pieces. There was a well-stocked and tempting mini-bar on our bathroom counter and in our mini-fridge. We didn’t end up purchasing anything from the room, but I was certainly tempted by a few items.

Ace Hotel Room
The floors in our room were cement, which I thought was brilliant considering we would often come back dripping from the pool. I didn’t have to worry about ruining carpeting because there wasn’t any.

Ace Hotel Patio with Fireplace
The best part of our room was our huge patio, complete with a cute and cozy fireplace. The patio was the size of the room itself. We spent quite a few evenings sitting out by our fireplace and working our way through the room service dessert menu.

My only real disappointment in regards to our room was that our patio wasn’t quite as private as we’d hoped. The patio rooms are all on the first floor, and are only partially covered, so our patio was visible from the second-floor rooms above. On our last night at the hotel, an intoxicated guest staying in one of the rooms above us decided to try climbing down from the second-floor walkway to the wall separating our patio from the guests next door. He didn’t hurt himself, but he gave us quite a scare. The hotel security was quick to arrive and deal with the situation, but we decided to keep our patio door closed after that.

Ace Hotel Door

We were in room 237, just like The Shining!

The hotel has several delightful amenities, enough to occupy us for most of our stay during Palm Springs. The main attractions are the two large swimming pools. Located just a few steps away from our room was the first: a smaller, more private pool. The main pool was larger and surrounded by an extensive array of lounge chairs and sun shades. We spent a lengthy part of each day out by this pool relaxing on lounge chairs, ordering cocktails from the pool-side wait staff, and, obviously, swimming.

The pool temperature was always perfect. I hate getting into a cold swimming pool, but this one was comfortable to stay in for long periods of time. I also don’t think there were ever more than ten people in the pool at a time, giving us plenty of space to swim and relax.

A nice variety of relaxing music played throughout the pool area, too. It gave the area an etherial sort of vibe. Very light and floaty. It was cool, if a little weird.

Artsy Wall
One of the best things about the pool area is that it was open daily until 2 AM. During the time we were visiting, Palm Springs was having cooler weather than usual, so we made many late night visits to the hot tub. It was popular among the other hotel guests in the late nighttime hours, but it was large enough that no one ever got in each others’ way.

Scooters for Rent
Besides the swimming pools, we utilized several other hotel amenities during our stay. On our first night, we visited the hotel bar, The Amigo Room, for a spirited game of trivia. The questions covered a variety of topics, including several focusing on Christopher Columbus (it was Columbus day after all). We did alright, despite the fact that we missed a few of the movie-related questions that we probably should have known. It was a lot of fun regardless.

We booked an appointment for a couples massage on our second morning at the hotel. The spa services there seem quite extensive, but we just opted for the basic couples massage. Our masseuses seemed professional, and we both felt great afterwards.

Ace Hotel Room Service
That about sums up our experience at the Ace Hotel, but before I wrap up I want to mention the food. The on-site restaurant, King’s Highway, used to be a Denny’s, but is now about as anti-Denny’s as you can get. All the food we ordered was delicious and seemed to be healthy. Our first morning there, after the massages, we ordered chilaquiles for breakfast by the pool. Holy moly they were good. We ended up ordering breakfast from King’s Highway each morning of our stay and were never disappointed. The ingredients always tasted fresh. We ordered several delectable desserts as well. It wasn’t until the last night of our stay that we realized we’d never actually eaten inside the restaurant — we’d always ordered room service or eaten on the patio by the pool — so we popped in for dinner. Everything we ordered was great. I definitely give King’s Highway two huge thumbs up.

Biscuits and Gravy
If you find yourself needing a place to relax and unwind, I cannot recommend the Ace Hotel enough. All the hype is true! I’m so glad I made this place my honeymoon destination.

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Ace Hotel Sign

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