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L.A. Eats: Kim’s Kitchen

After nearly a year of writing L.A. Eats posts, I’m a little shocked to discover that I haven’t yet told you about my favorite Glendale restaurant — Kim’s Kitchen.

Kim’s Kitchen is a small, unassuming Korean BBQ restaurant. In fact, it is so small and unassuming that I didn’t know it existed for the first year I lived in Glendale, despite driving past it nearly every day.

A sweet Korean couple owns this place, and they always greet us cheerfully. The service is prompt and the food is amazing; by far some of the best Korean food I’ve ever eaten (note: I’ve never been to Korea, so I can only compare it to other Korean BBQ in the U.S.) The walls are covered in faded photographs of a variety of Korean BBQ staples; they offer a lot of options despite the tiny size of the restaurant. This place is also extremely well-priced for the amount of food you get.

On this visit, I had the Chicken Bulgogi. I usually go back and forth between this dish and their Spicy Pork Bulgogi, which I honestly like even more than the Chicken Bulgogi. Regardless, sometimes you just need a giant dish of flavorful, sizzling meat.

Chicken Bulgogi
Along with your order, you get a selection of tasty side dishes including spicy kimchi, steamed broccoli, fish cake, and tangy pickled cucumbers. They switch out the sides on occasion, but you always get five dishes and they will refill them for free. In addition to the side dishes, you also get a bowl of steamed rice and a bowl of brothy soup.

Side Dishes
Kim’s Kitchen is located on Colorado Street in Glendale, near the intersection of Chevy Chase Drive. Keep your eyes peeled for the bright yellow building — it’s little and easy to miss! They are open Monday through Saturday from 10:30 AM until 9:30 PM and are closed Sundays.

I hope I’ve convinced you to give Kim’s Kitchen a try next time you’re around North East Los Angeles, especially if you love good Korean food. Maybe I’ll see you there!

PS: Silver Lake Ramen & Sushi Kai

Editor’s Note: This post has not been paid for or sponsored in any way, nor am I employed by Kim’s Kitchen. Any and all thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own and no one else’s.

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