Kew Gardens staircase

A Walk Through Kew Gardens

It was rare for myself and one of my coworkers at Bodeans to have a day off at the same time. This was especially rare with my coworker and friend Martina, who worked the most out of anybody.

When the unexpected day did arise that we both had the day off, we made plans to visit Kew Gardens, London’s royal botanical gardens. Located southwest of the city, the gardens host many large greenhouses containing the world’s largest collection of plants from around the world.

Kew Gardens Greenhouse and Tower

Kew Gradens Gazebo

Kew Gardens Greenhouse Interior

The grounds also host other attractions including Queen Charlotte’s cottage, Kew Palace, and a treetop walkway. Many of these are only open during the summer months, and were thus closed on the day of our visit, but we enjoyed walking through the gardens nonetheless.

The day was overcast and chilly, but the rain held off just long enough for us to explore the grounds. I captured a large collection of photographs — these are my favorites.

Kew Gardens Plants and Statues

Henry Moore Sculpture

Red Plant at Kew Gardens

Red Berries at Kew Gardens

Pink and Green Plants at Kew Gardens

Hanging Flowers at Kew Garden

Leafy Plant at Kew Gardens

Green Plants at Kew Gardens

Gazebo and Plant

Fountain and Statue

Sea Snake at Aquarium

Scenes from the Aquarium

Plants and Flowers

Erstwhile Expeditions is an ongoing series in which I reflect on my past travel experiences. I recently wrote about the good times I spent with my amazing flatmates and shared some photos from a weekday walk along the Thames. In my last post, I showed you some photos from a day in Greenwich.

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