Ex-soldier, 41, is jailed after BITING policeman's arm

Ex-soldier, 41, is jailed after BITING policeman’s arm in ‘barbaric’ attack that left officer fearing he may have HIV

  • A former soldier who bit a police officer’s arm has been jailed for 12 months 
  • Daniel Chipchase, 41, of Rochdale, attacked officer while looking through bins
  • PC Ashley Marsden is awaiting test results for HIV, hepatitis and other infections 

A drunken former soldier has been jailed for 12 months after biting a hero policeman on the arm in an attack that left the officer waiting months to find out if the ‘barbaric’ mauling has left him infected with HIV.

PC Ashley Marsden suffered ‘excruciating’ pain when Daniel Chipchase, 41, of Middleton, Rochdale, sank his teeth into his right forearm as he was confronted last month for rummaging around in his neighbour’s wheelie bins.

PC Marsden had to be treated in hospital for scarring to his arm which he fears could be permanent. He is now awaiting the results of tests for HIV, hepatitis and other infections and is now nervous when sent out alone on jobs.

Former soldier Daniel Chipchase, 41 of Middleton, has been jailed for biting a policeman

‘I was in excruciating pain and had to punch the defendant in the face in order to release myself from his grip,’ PC Marsden said in a statement read to Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester.

‘I then had to be taken to hospital and have my arm triaged as it was bleeding and I had to have three injections, blood, boosters and antibiotics. I was worried I may have contracted HIV or hepatitis from the bite.

‘This incident came out of nothing when the defendant became aggressive. Four officers tried to calm him down to stop him hurting himself or others but it had no effect. He was under the influence of drink or drugs but that is no excuse.

‘I do not come to work to be subjected to this kind of disgusting behaviour while doing my job. My family and I have months of worry to face while we wait for the results of blood tests so we know whether I contracted any diseases off him.  

‘I have always tried to shelter my partner from some of the sorts of experiences I have had at work but this is now impossible and she is now very worried about me whenever I go to work. This is last thing we could want during this pandemic.’ 

PC Ashley Marsden was left with a wound and fearing he may have contracted an infection

The incident occurred at 10:30pm on April 6 when the officer and a colleague were called to Chipchase’s home after reports from neighbours he was behaving erratically.

Prosecutor Kate Hammond said: ‘Police arrived and started to see a man moving bins around and putting rubbish in them. He was identified by the members of the public who had called as the man they were concerned about and the officers went to speak to him.

‘He appeared to be drunk and was smelling of alcohol and was slurring his words as they asked him for his name which he said was ‘Dave’.

Several officers were required to restrain Chipchase during the incident on April 6

‘A couple more officers arrived who tried to talk to him and find out more details. He started shouting, refused to engage and became aggressive. PC Marsden then arrested him for a breach of the peace.

‘The defendant then grabbed the officer’s trouser pocket and pulled him towards him and the defendant tried to pull the officer to the floor. Three other officers had to fight with the defendant to regain control. CCTV shows the officers constantly asking him to calm down saying that was all they wanted him to do.

‘During the restraint the defendant lent forward and bit PC Marsden on his right lower forearm and the officer had to hit back in order to regain his grip. The defendant was arrested for the assault and cautioned. Again he was being aggressive, putting his arm on the officer’s trousers and refusing to let go. Officers had to restrain him again but he continued to be aggressive and officers were asking him to calm down.

‘The officers had to use CS spray in order to calm the situation down and for their own safety.

‘The prosecution say the biting was equivalent to the use of a weapon and that it was a serious if not a sustained attack bearing in mind the effect on the victim and the current pandemic.’

In mitigation defence lawyer Gemma Maxwell said: ‘The defendant expressed remorse when interviewed after the incident. Alcohol was a factor in this case, which is an aggravating feature and not an excuse- but it could be addressed by treatment.’ 

Chipchase was sentenced to 12 months in prison at Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester

Sentencing Judge Tina Landale said: ‘This incident has caused real pain, distress and anxiety for your victim and they were worried about the risk of catching HIV and hepatitis from your bite. The officer worries the scarring may be permanent.

‘I accept you have served the county and been remorseful and this offence is completely out of character for you.

‘I have come to the view that I cannot suspend your sentence. You assaulted a police officer in the midst of a public health emergency and there must be an element of deterrence.’

PC Daniella Capper of GMP’s Rochdale District said: ‘As police officers we do not come to work and expect to be assaulted. The officer involved was subject to an unprovoked barbaric assault from Chipchase.

‘We hope this result sends a clear message that this type of behaviour towards our officers will not be tolerated on the streets of Manchester and is totally unacceptable.’

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T.I. Urges People to Participate in #BlackoutDay2020

The rapper makes use of his Instagram account to urge others to take part in Blackout Day on July 7 where ‘not one black person in America spends a dollar.’

AceShowbizT.I. has been vocally trying to raise awareness of police brutality that keeps happening against black people. The rapper made use of his Instagram account to urge others to take part in Blackout Day on July 7 where “not one black person in America spends a dollar.”

The announcement that Tip shared on his page read, “This is a call to action!! We need one day of solidarity in America when not one black person in America spends a dollar. This includes Africas, Native Americans, Asian-Americans, Hispanics…ALL people of color.”

“Together we have 3.9 trillion dollars in economic spending power. That’s $10,684,931,506.80 it’s going to cost per day next time a person of color gets shot!!!” added the announcement. “We will call it #BLACKOUTDAY2020 July 7th, 2020 please spread the message, and let’s show REAL action that they fear!!!!”

Captioning the picture, Tip wrote, “Nobody spend S**T on this day‼️ IF you Give AF about the murders,lynchings,& oppression of people of color!!! #USorELSE #BlackoutDay2020 #July7th.”

This is hardly the first boycott that Tip was part of. Back in September 2019, Tip led a boycott movement against Gucci following an offensive ad. “Also I thought to myself & now I’ll share my thought with you guys just imagine what we could do IF we REALLY stuck together ?? We could bring any corporation (or candidate) to it’s knees and MAKE THEM RESPECT US…,” so he wrote on Instagram at the time.

“WE CAN FORCE THEM TO VALUE OUR LIVES, CULTURE, & OUR HERITAGE IF WE JUST STAYED SOLID…IF WE WERE TO UNITE & STAND UP TOGETHER AGAINST ANYONE OR ANYTHING THAT OPPOSES US WE’D TRULY BE UNSTOPPABLE ?? In closing I’ll remind you all of your POWER…& ask you to remember… that it ain’t what’s on ya, it’s what’s in ya that truly matters when ya get through…,That’s all I wanted to say…thx for reading,” he continued.

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Harrowing video shows Iranians collapsing in street during pandemic

EXCLUSIVE: Harrowing video shows sick Iranians collapsing in the street as activists allege Iran’s coronavirus pandemic started in Chinese embassy a month BEFORE its first official case

  • EXCLUSIVE: New videos have emerged of alleged coronavirus victims collapsing on the streets of Iran in 10 locations across the country
  • It comes as leaked ambulance service records show that three employees of the Chinese embassy were hospitalised with covid-19 symptoms on January 28
  • The Iranian government claimed that the three did not have coronovirus 
  • It wasn’t until February 19 that the first case was confirmed in Qom, 100 miles away, and blamed on a merchant who had travelled to China
  • Activists estimate that coronavirus deaths in Iran exceed 43,800 across 320 towns, but the Iranian government claims that only 7,417 have died so far 
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Harrowing footage shows sick people collapsing in streets across Iran, amid allegations that the country’s coronavirus pandemic started in the Chinese embassy in Tehran three weeks before its first official case was announced.

In one of the clips, a man slumps on the kerb in Zahedan, southeast Iran, coughing and clearly in severe pain. In another, a woman lies face-down on the floor of a Metro station while bystanders give her a wide berth.

It comes as distrust grows over the Iranian government’s alleged cover-up of the pandemic, with fears that the death toll may be five times as high as reported. 

Ambulance records handed to MailOnline show that three Iranian employees of the Chinese embassy in Tehran were hospitalised with suspected covid-19 symptoms on January 28. 

It wasn’t until three weeks later, on February 19, that Iran’s first covid patient, a merchant, was officially identified in Qom, about 100 miles south of Tehran. 

Activists accused the Iranian leadership of hushing up the earlier cases, in order not to embarrass the Chinese. Tehran relies heavily on Chinese support as US sanctions continue to bite, they said.

But an Iranian government spokesman hit back, claiming that the embassy workers, who had high fevers and severe coughs, did not have coronavirus. They have since been discharged from hospital.

One of the ambulance service documents showing that an employee of the Chinese embassy in Tehran was taken to hospital with covid-19 on January 28

An unconscious man slumps by the side of the road in Khorasan Square, Tehran

A woman collapses on the floor of Shahid Mahallati Metro station in Tehran, left, while a man lies unconscious in the middle of the street in Tehran

A woman lies unconscious under a tree in Tabriz, northwestern Iran, with suspected covid-19

The leaked ambulance records were handed to MailOnline by the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), a network of anti-regime activists.

The controversial group made headlines in 2002 when it revealed key details of Tehran’s nuclear programme. It has gone on to leak intelligence regularly, though this has not always been reliable.

The NCRI estimates that deaths from the virus in Iran exceed 43,800 across 320 towns. By contrast, the Iranian government claims that only 7,417 citizens have died from the virus so far. 

According to the ambulance service records, or ‘115 forms’, three Iranian employees of the Chinese embassy in Tehran were taken to hospital on January 28 with symptoms of covid-19.

The patients included a 37-year-old woman and two 33-year-old men, one of whom had recently visited China.

One of the first responders’ reports said: ‘[The patient is] 33-years-old, with severe coughing, symptoms of cold.

‘He says he was in China for the past 12 days, and in the first three days after arriving in Tehran, he had high fever, diarrhoea, and severe coughing.

‘He says he works at the Chinese Embassy (in Tehran), and his colleagues have had symptoms of coronavirus. He is hospitalised.’

Cemeteries in Qom and Arak which have been set aside for the burial of coronavirus victims

A suspected coronavirus victim lies on the floor in Tehran station after collapsing unwell

A man lies unconscious on the pavement while passers-by look on in Bushehr, Iran

A man collapses coughing in the street in Zahedan, Iran, amid suspicions he has covid-19

Other ambulance records show that a 33-year-old woman was rushed to hospital with symptoms of covid-19 on January 31, after leading a tour of Chinese nationals. She had fallen ill at Imam Khomeini Airport in Tehran.

A spokesman for the Iranian government said: ‘The patients seem to have left the hospital later, as it was proved that the cases were not coronavirus. There are no other records. Statements by patients at the admission stage, before tests, may not be used as proof for any disease.’

Iran has been at the centre of the coronavirus pandemic in the region. In reacting slowly to the threat, and failing to clamp down on air links with China, the leadership has been accused of prioritising its partnership with China over public health. 

Disturbing videos show vast coronavirus cemeteries in Tehran, Qom and the western city of Arak, as well as footage of a covid-19 victim being hurriedly buried by uniformed men under cover of darkness.

Experts have accused Iran of a huge cover-up of the scale of the coronavirus pandemic in the country.

David Patrikarakos, Fellow at the School of Iranian Studies at the University of St Andrews, told MailOnline:

‘Iran is incredibly reliant on China, especially since the re-imposition of US sanctions. So the regime would not do anything to embarrass the Chinese government.

‘Admitting that there was coronavirus within the Chinese embassy in January would have done just that, so it would be no surprise if Iran covered it up.’

He added: ‘Since the beginning of this crisis, Iran has been very reluctant to tell truth to its own citizens. That is because the regime has some culpability because it was so slow to respond.’ 

A man lies on the pavement in Sari, northern Iran, with a case of suspected covid-19

Several universities have modelled the true scale of the coronavirus pandemic in Iran. Experts at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) said that covid-19 deaths had reached 15,485 by the end of March, and would hit 58,000 in June. 

Shahin Gobadi, an NCRI spokesman, said: ‘The Iranian regime is engaged in a massive cover-up regarding the spread of the coronavirus.

‘They have been extremely under-reporting the death toll, because the staggering figures would demonstrate their incompetence, ineptitude, mismanagement, and negligence both in terms of disseminating the relevant information in a timely manner and in providing medical care and treatment to those in need of help.’

But the Iranian leadership insisted that its handling of the crisis was transparent and responsible.

A spokesman said: ‘There are lot of conspiracy theories around the source of covid-19, including some in Britain about 5G. It is unfortunate that some have engaged in blame game to advance certain political aims, when nations should work together to combat and eradicate such a vicious virus.

‘Iran, as the hub of medical tourism in West Asia, benefits from the best health service in the region. Official figures by this service continue to be the most credible source for information about covid-19 in Iran.

‘Iran and China have helped each other in the fight against the disease, despite the inhuman US sanctions on drugs and medicine. These continue despite global requests for its removal to help Iran’s health service combat the virus more efficiently.’ 

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Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne Pinnock engaged to Andre Gray on four year anniversary

Leigh-Anne Pinnock has a weekend of celebration ahead – as well as it being her four year anniversary, she and boyfriend Andre Gray have got engaged.

The Little Mix star and her footballer beau, both 28, celebrated their anniversary in lockdown, but this year will be memorable for a very special reason. 

Andre popped the question to Leigh-Anne, presenting her with a large ring as he got down on one knee in their garden, which was bedecked by fairy lights. 

Although Leigh-Anne has yet to publicly announce the engagement, Andre shared the moment on his Instagram page, writing: ‘Let the caption speak for itself this time. Hasta la muerte’. 

The gorgeous snaps show Leigh-Anne covering her face with her hands as she realised Andre is on one knee, before showing off the gorgeous ring among a sea of lights. 

Leigh had earlier shared a tribute to her now fiancé to mark four years together, sharing a photo of them together and telling fans: ‘Happy Anniversary baby… how has 4 years gone so fast!

‘All I know is I’m another year more crazy about you. I couldn’t love you harder if I tried.’

After Andre’s late-night announcement, Leigh-Anne’s Little Mix bandmate Jesy Nelson was among the first to congratulate the couple, writing: ‘Congrats you beauties’ along with a series of hearts and heart-eye emojis.

Leigh-Anne and Andre first started dating in 2016, and she recently told fans that she was still waiting for him to ask her to marry him. 

Speaking in an Instagram Q&A, Leigh answered a fan who asked if she would like to marry Andre in the future, saying: ‘I really hope so.

‘I’m just waiting, you know. I’m waiting… Patiently.’

It looks like she didn’t have too long to wait as Andre clearly had this stunning proposal planned already. 

Congratulations guys!

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Newcastle takeover LIVE:

NEWCASTLE fans are still nervously waiting to see if a £300m Saudi-led takeover for the club goes ahead.

The north-east club continue their "no comment" stance on takeover reports, but the latest suggests Saudi Arabia will bid for Premier League TV rights to ensure their deal goes through.

Follow all the latest updates from the North East below…


    Newcastle are now preparing for their return to action over the weekend of Friday June 19 to Sunday June 21, after the Premier League confirmed their plans for Project Restart.

    The Magpies. haven't played since March 7, when they beat Southampton 1-0 at St Mary's, with their next scheduled fixture due to be a home clash with Sheffield United.

    Newcastle have maintained their “no comment” status on all takeover enquiries, as the Saudi Arabia group headed by Mohammed bin Salman looks to buy the club.

    The Newcastle Chronicle say the Bin Salman group remain confident that they will pass the Premier League's 'fit and proper' test, with reports of a delay being played down.

    And boss Steve Bruce has admitted his squad are still getting used to life after lockdown.

    The Magpies trained yesterday for the first time as a group since March, but players left the training ground straight after the session without the usual routine of visits to the treatment room and canteen for lunch.

    He said: “The world has changed – and it's not normal.

    “After a session like that there would normally be massages and that's not allowed or go to the canteen.

    “They have to arrive dressed and park three places away.

    “So it's all stuff you have to adhere to yourself.

    “We have proven it looks very safe.”


    The FA Cup final could be staged on August 1 – seven days earlier than scheduled.

    Premier League bosses have agreed that the top-flight season should restart on June 17 and finish on July 25 or 26.

    This means the FA could end the season with their showpiece final on August 1 with the match – along with the semi-finals – to be staged behind closed doors at Wembley.

    Football chiefs were expecting an August 8 final as it was feared the Premier League was not going to restart until June 26.

    But the news of a June 17 date has given the organisation a big boost and a bit more time to play with.


    Liverpool could clinch their first-ever Premier League title live on Sky Sports.

    And fans will be able to watch it for FREE alongside 24 other matches on the football giant.

    Sky Sports will show 64 matches in total when the Premier League returns on June 17.

    And 25 of those will be free-to-air, meaning viewers do not need a subscription to tune in for the action.

    One of those games will be the Merseyside derby between Everton and Liverpool on the first weekend.

    And Jurgen Klopp’s men will taste glory if Manchester City lose to Arsenal days before on Wednesday June 17.


  • There will be four matches on Sundays too, at 12pm, 2pm, 4.30pm and 7pm.

    In order to fit in all games on TV, new kick-off times will be introduced.

    Friday and Monday games will be at 8pm, while Saturday will have FOUR matches starting at 12.30pm, 3pm, 5.30pm and 8pm.

    Midweek games, played on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays, will have 6pm and 8pm starts, allowing fans to watch footie all evening.

  • Premier League Chief Executive Richard Masters confirmed earlier reports by saying: “Today we have provisionally agreed to resume the Premier League on Wednesday 17 June.

    “But this date cannot be confirmed until we have met all the safety requirements needed, as the health and welfare of all participants and supporters is our priority.

    ‘’Sadly, matches will have to take place without fans in stadiums, so we are pleased to have come up with a positive solution for supporters to be able to watch all the remaining 92 matches.

    “The Premier League and our clubs are proud to have incredibly passionate and loyal supporters. It is important to ensure as many people as possible can watch the matches at home.

    “We will continue to work step-by-step and in consultation with all our stakeholders as we move towards resuming the 2019/20 season.”


    Premier League chiefs have confirmed England's top flight WILL return on June 17 – with Manchester City vs Arsenal starting the action.

    New kick-off times have been announced and all 92 remaining matches will be televised.

    As part of the plans to show every game, four matches will be shown for free on BBC for the first time.

    However, all safety requirements must be in place for Project Restart to go ahead.


    Liverpool's remaining home games as well as some major London derbies will reportedly be played at neutral venues.

    The measures will be taken in order to deter fans from gathering outside the stadiums, according to the Times.


    Valentino Lazaro asked his Twitter followers which of this Magpies quartet had the best barnet as Newcastle returned to training after lockdown.


    Newcastle's players were back training together today as the Premier League edges closer to a return.


    Premier League clubs are reportedly looking into arranging friendlies to ensure they enter Project Restart as fit as possible.

    Fears over injuries are high ahead of football recommencing next month.

    And Daily Telegraph report on today’s discussions between the clubs featuring talk of friendlies.

    Interested teams want to be allowed to travel to nearby rivals for full-length matches on training grounds.

    Not every manager is said to be desperately behind the idea, but those unconvinced believe they will have to play them anyway to ensure they are not disadvantaged.


    Rafael Benitez is the right man to lead Newcastle into their new era, according to his former Valencia player Miguel Angel Angulo.

    Along with Mauricio Pochettino, the ex-Toon boss has been touted for a return to Tyneside.

    And Angulo believes Benitez would be a “phenomenal” capture for Newcastle.

    He told Tribal Football: “I believe he is one of the greatest managers that Valencia have ever had. It was a great experience for us as players, as we learnt a lot under him.

    “I think it would be phenomenal for Benitez to return to Newcastle, given how well he knows the club. I know that Benitez was based in England for a long time now but I don't know the reasons that he left Newcastle the first time around.

    “He has a great reputation in England and he is very hard working too. It would be great if he could return to the Premier League.”


    With Newcastle back in contact training today, club doctor Paul Catterson has admitted his worries over the workouts.

    Although coronavirus concerns are not as large as the potential spate of injuries it may bring.

    Catterson told the Chronicle: “People have mentioned pre-season many times. The manager has mentioned the fact it has been longer than a normal closed season.

    “My main worry is about the contact training we're going to have. We don't want an explosion of injuries in the matches we are about to have.

    “We have to try to make the players as robust as possible. It does have a pre-season feel to it, maybe because the sunshine is with us.

    “The players are having to work hard. But it's not a normal pre-season. Once we get up and going with the contact part of training it'll feel normal again.”


    Police in England have reportedly given the green light for MOST Premier League games taking place at regular venues.

    Neutral grounds were touted as a major part of Project Restart but were met with fierce opposition from several teams.

    The Mail now reports that police are happy for games to be held across the country, in each of the 20 grounds.

    Yet they still hold reservations over a small number of high-profile matches that could still attract fans to gather outside the ground – breaking coronavirus restrictions.


    Newcastle players are back in full group training for the first time today.

    Following the Premier League's vote to take another step towards Project Restart, Toon players upped the ante in their session on Thursday morning.


    Newcastle target Philippe Coutinho is edging closer to a Premier League return with Arsenal, Man Utd and Chelsea battling for his signature, according to reports.

    The former Liverpool playmaker is looking for a new club this summer with Barcelona hopeful of cashing in.

    Arsenal are making the strongest case to bring him to the Emirates with boss Mikel Arteta ready to make him the lynchpin in his side.

    According to Mundo Deportivo, Coutinho feels Arteta's style of football would help him achieve his best form on the field.

    The article also states how the player would be itching to get his career back on track in England's top flight.

    Chelsea are also monitoring his situation with boss Frank Lampard hopeful of bolstering his attack with star-studded names.


    American tycoon Henry Mauriss is keeping an eye on the Newcastle takeover amid reports of a rival bid.

    Having spoken to Mike Ashley before the Saudi-led bid gathered pace, he is still ready to step up with a rival offer, say the Mirror.

    However the PIF consortium still have an exclusivity period to complete a deal for the club.

    And, in that period, Mauriss will not comment publicly on his interest.


    Former Newcastle striker Joselu believes supporters should be very excited if the takeover goes ahead.

    Now at Alaves, the Spaniard spent 18 months on Tyneside and scored six goals.

    He told AS: “Newcastle is a very big club with incredible fans.

    “The stadium is spectacular and if this new project goes well it will be a blast.”


    Newcastle's prospective new Saudi owners could bid for Premier League TV rights to ease through the Toon takeover.

    The league's Middle East and North Africa broadcast contract expires is to be handed out next year, ahead of beIN Sports’ £500million, three-year deal expiring in 2022.

    And the Mirror report on Saudi plans to invest in these rights as a sign it is serious about piracy claims.

    The nation's links to beOutQ, an illegal streaming service, have led to large concerns over their suitability as club owners.


    Are you a little lost trying to find out when the Premier League is returning? Well have no fear as SunSport has answered all your questions ahead of today's important meeting between the clubs.

    What date is Project Restart likely to take place?

    What's gonna happen with the TV money?

    What time will the matches be?

    Our man Dave Fraser is on hand to fill you in with everything you need to know about the Premier League's return.


    Imagine if the takeover goes through and Newcastle line up like this next year?


    Newcastle's £300million takeover is in serious doubt after the World Trade Organisation ruled that Saudia Arabia is behind pirate TV station beoutQ.

    Meanwhile, Newcastle have opened talks with Philippe Coutinho and lead Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea in the race to sign him.

    Finally, transfer guru Antero Henrique is reportedly being chased by Newcastle as they look to appoint him as their director of football.


    Mauricio Pochettino has put Newcastle on full alert by saying after six months out of football, his “tanks are full” and he is ready to manage again.

    He said: “Are we ready and hungry to get back to work? Yes. After six months, our tanks are completely full.

    “Always, you dream of the perfect club. The perfect project.

    “But we are a coaching staff that are open to listen to all the projects, all the people. We are learning and sharing ideas.

    “You never know when it’s going to be the motivation or the inspiration to say, Oh, they are the right people, and you want to be with them or their club.

    “We are very receptive to listen to all the people because every single conversation we can learn from and maybe we can see a motivation to go with them.”


    Gareth Bale can recapture his “superstar status” with a mega-money move to Newcastle, according to Brazil legend Rivaldo.

    He told BetFair: “Newcastle should receive a big money injection this summer with a new owner coming to town and this could be a great destination for Gareth Bale, as he could reassume his superstar status at the club and keep earning a big amount of money.

    “It would be a great chance for him to prove he is still a top-class player and be considered again one of the best in the world, so if this offer really comes, I think he should accept it.

    “At Newcastle, he would be the biggest star of the team and could lead a rejuvenated squad to a good Premier League campaign.”


    Moneybags Newcastle want Chelsea flop Gonzalo Higuain – who could leave Juventus after a bust-up.

    Toon want a big-money signing if they complete their Saudi Arabia takeover, which would give them the richest owners in the Premier League.

    The 32-year-old ex-Real Madrid forward could see his £5million-a-year contract terminated by Juve, after he went AWOL after the coronavirus outbreak.

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London buses to resume front-door boarding on 124 routes from tomorrow

London buses will resume front-door boarding on 124 routes from tomorrow with a limit of 20 passengers per double-decker and drivers sealed in for their safety after 26 of the capital’s transport workers died of coronavirus

  • Front door boarding returns on 124 routes with customers required to touch in 
  • Process had been abandoned on April 20 amid concerns over Covid-19 deaths
  • But front door boarding can resume after scientists found risk had been reduced
  • New safety measures include adding a film layer to screens and sealing off gaps
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

London’s buses will resume front door boarding from tomorrow after bosses brought in new safety measures aimed at minimising the coronavirus risk to drivers.

Front door boarding will be reinstated on 124 bus routes, with customers required to touch in using their Oyster, contactless or concessionary cards.

The process was abandoned by chiefs at Transport for London on April 20 amid concerns that 26 bus workers in the capital had died from Covid-19.

People board a London bus using the middle door last Saturday. From tomorrow, front door boarding will be reinstated on 124 bus routes, with customers required to touch in

People wait at Canary Wharf in East London for the D8 bus towards Stratford yesterday

But University College London analysis has suggested that safety and hygiene improvements made by TfL has made it possible for front door boarding to resume by substantially reducing the risk to drivers of contracting the virus from customers.

The measures include adding a film layer to screens and sealing off gaps around the screen as a whole, along with a rigorous cleaning regime which sees cabs, handrails and other regularly touched areas treated with hospital-grade anti-viral disinfectant.

Measures to reduce Covid-19 risk to bus drivers and passengers

  • Film layer to screens and sealing off gaps around the screen as a whole
  • Rigorous cleaning regime for cabs, handrails and other regularly touched areas 
  • These ares are treated with hospital-grade anti-viral disinfectant
  • Hand sanitiser dispensers installed at bus stations and on Tube station platforms


TfL anticipates all London buses will have returned to front door boarding by mid-June, and will limit capacity to ensure compliance with social-distancing guidelines.

Double-decker buses will be able to carry 20 customers while single-decker buses can carry between six and 10 customers.

Drivers will have the discretion to allow more customers on board if they are travelling in households or groups.

Passengers are being asked to avoid non-essential use of public transport despite lockdown restrictions being eased to enable social distancing. 

Deputy Mayor for Transport Heidi Alexander said the new measures are essential to protecting the health and safety of transport workers and passengers.

She said: ‘Scientific advice has confirmed that it is safe for front door boarding to resume on these buses thanks to these improvements.

A bus is deep cleaned with anti-bacterial wipes at Camberwell Abellio bus garage on May 18

A man hails a bus at Haringey in North London on May 19 as the coronavirus crisis continues

‘Our message to Londoners is clear though – please work from home and travel on foot or bike if you can. Public transport is a precious resource that should be preserved for those who need it.

Ex-New York city subway boss dubbed ‘the Train Daddy’ is TfL’s new £335,000-a-year transport boss

Andy Byford

A former head of New York’s public transport system dubbed the ‘Train Daddy’ will be London ‘s next transport commissioner.

Andy Byford, 54, was responsible in New York for 50,000 staff and devising a £33 billion five-year investment plan to renew the city’s transport system.

He will start in his new £335,000-a-year role on June 29, taking over from Mike Brown who will stay on until July 10 before taking up a new position overseeing the renovation of the Palace of Westminster.

The former president and chief executive of New York City Transit Authority left the role in January under a cloud following repeated clashes with Governor Andrew Cuomo.

He was said to have had frequent spats with Mr Cuomo throughout his two-year tenure, despite being considered a rising star in the industry. 

‘But if you absolutely have to travel on our network, wear a face mask, avoid the busiest times and respect the new arrangements to enable everyone to travel safely.’

The move has also received support from the trade union Unite.

Unite officer for London buses John Murphy said: ‘Bus workers have tragically lost their lives during this pandemic and our determination is to make sure that no other family endures this heartache.

‘Unite has been working closely with experts at UCL, TfL and London bus operators to ensure that the return to front door loading does not adversely affect driver safety.

‘Unite will continue to lobby and work with employers and TfL to ensure that all bus workers are full protected at work and that passengers and the wider public are cared for.’

TfL has introduced a ‘rigorous cleaning regime’ across all its services, including buses and Tube trains.

This includes anti-viral fluid being sprayed inside areas used by passengers, and hand sanitiser dispensers being installed at bus stations and on Tube station platforms.

Until last Saturday, passengers had not needed to present their payment card since April 20 in a bid to boost the safety of drivers.

But the Government required TfL to resume the collection of bus fares as part of the £1.6billion bailout agreed two weeks ago.

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MTV Is Exploring Ideas to Keep the VMAs in August!

The 2020 MTV Video Music Awards might still happen in August as planned!

MTV is exploring ideas to host the show on August 30, live from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y.

“We’re exploring with government officials, the medical community and key stakeholders on how to safely hold the 2020 VMAs at Barclays Center on August 30th,” an MTV spokesperson tells Variety. “The health of everyone involved is our number one priority. Additionally, we are working on several contingency plans to bring music’s biggest night to audiences everywhere.”

The VMAs were held at the Barclays Center back in 2013 and this would mark back-to-back years for the event being hosted on the east coast. Last year, it was held at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J.

MTV has alerted talent reps and agents to the proposed event date so that celebs can get the date on their schedule.

Find out which June awards show is going to be live streamed from home.

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Elisabeth Moss Gives Status Update on ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ Season 4

Elisabeth Moss is opening up about when fans can expect another season of her hit Hulu series The Handmaid’s Tale.

The third season premiered on June 5, 2019, so it’s likely that the fourth season would’ve been premiering very soon had it not been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

“We were only two weeks in, so we actually have an entire season to shoot,” Elisabeth said in a new interview with Extra.

You can definitely expect a fourth season in the future, but we’re going to have to wait a while for that to happen now.

Elisabeth added, “We want to go back to work because families have people to support and rent they need to pay, but at the same time no human’s life is worth a TV show. We’re just trying to figure out how to do it safely for everybody.”

Elisabeth has a new movie coming out on VOD next week. Learn more and watch the trailer!

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CBS News Layoffs Trigger Farewell Notices, Words Of Praise For Longtime Reporters

CBSViacom’s layoffs this week also impacted CBS News and CBS-owned affiliates, the latest fallout to hit news media amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The layoffs were said to make up a single digit percentage of the news division — reportedly 5%, or around 75 employees. They follow recent staff cuts at outlets such as The Atlantic, BuzzFeed and Vox Media.

CBS News president Susan Zirinsky wrote in a memo on Wednesday that “no one could have foreseen the economic fallout from the pandemic coming on top of the cost savings initiatives already underway from the merger of CBS and Viacom. As a result, we have scrutinized our entire business model, our budgets, and what we learned in news gathering during the last months. We are not alone; media companies and businesses all over the country are re-organizing and developing new operating models.”

Among those leaving are correspondent Don Dahler, who wrote to staffers in an email obtained by Deadline, “Let me say this right at the top: given the life-and-death struggle we as a species are going through right now; the loved ones we’ve lost and stand to lose, and the financial heartbreak, fear, and realities faced by millions, the fact that I am now counted among the unemployed, after many, many decades in this fantastic business, is an insignificant development.”

CBS News White House Correspondent Mark Knoller was showered with praise on Thursday after journalist Yashar Ali tweeted that he was among those departing.

Knoller, though, wrote on Twitter, “Thanks to all for the many kind words. Much appreciated. For the time being, I’m still on the job, still keeping count on the president. Will see what happens. Thanks again.”

Knoller, who has covered every president since Gerald Ford, is known especially for his fastidious collection of facts and data about the presidents — everything from trips taken to number of news conferences held. Former White House press secretaries Robert Gibbs and Joe Lockhart tweeted out praise, as did Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who wrote, “As White House Press Secretary I enjoyed working with @MarkKnoller who is a good journalist and an encyclopedia of knowledge on the Presidency. If true this is a big loss to the @whpresscorps. and his absence will be felt by many.”

CNN’s Jake Tapper wrote, “Legendary. Huge loss not just for CBS News but for journalism writ large and the world.”

The layoffs also impacted CBS affiliates. In Los Angeles, Sharon Tay, Jeff Michael and Garth Kemp were among those leaving. In Chicago, longtime investigative reporter Pam Zekman was reportedly among the layoffs. She had been at the station since 1981, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Meanwhile, Dean Reynolds, correspondent in CBS News’ Chicago bureau, said in an email to colleagues that he plans to retire later this summer after 49 years in journalism.

In an email obtained by Deadline, Reynolds wrote on Thursday, “When I came to CBS News back in 2007 I was naturally anxious. But this network and the wonderful people here made me feel welcome from the start. Had it not been for your graciousness I would not have prospered. I will forever be in your debt. The camera crews, producers, editors, the assistants of all stripes and the executives all pitched in to give me the fame and glory I was only too happy to accept. I acknowledge and salute you all now, belatedly.”

He added, “Never forget. Journalism is a calling. Your dedication to it is awesome and admirable. And the younger staffers coming up should give everyone confidence that CBS News will be a force for years to come.”


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Biggest solar farm gets green light despite fears it will harm area

Britain’s biggest solar farm – the size of almost 1,000 football pitches – gets green light in Kent countryside despite fears it will harm the local area

  • Cleve Hill solar park will be capable of generating enough electricity to power more than 91,000 homes 
  • It is the first of its kind to be classified as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project 
  • Business Secretary Alok Sharma gave the project his seal of approval yesterday 

Britain’s biggest solar farm sprawling the size of 600 football pitches will be capable of generating enough electricity to power more than 91,000 homes.

The £450million project Cleve Hill solar park has been given the green light and will be able to produce 350 megawatts.  

Developers want to line 900 acres of farmland on the picturesque North Kent coast, a larger green space than New York’s Central park, with 880,000 clean energy-producing panels. 

The scheme is so big – providing over 50 megawatts of energy – that it is the first of its kind to be classified as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP).

Developers want to line 900 acres of farmland on the picturesque North Kent coast, a larger green space than New York’s Central park

Environmental groups are divided in how they feel about the solar park. Friends Of The Earth welcomed the news but other organisations such as the Kent Wildlife Trust and RSPB oppose it, The Times reported.   

Kent Wildlife Trust warned rare marsh harriers could be displaced by the panels as they breed in that area. 

Friends Of The Earth suggested other environmental campaigners had overstated the risks.  

‘No one wants to see damage to local habitats, but the site of this planned solar farm is not some lovely, untouched meadow,’ head of policy Mark Childs said, as reported by The Times. 

He added: ‘It’s intensive arable farmland with all of the associated issues. Changing the use of the site from intensive agriculture will reduce the high level of chemicals currently harming insects and wildlife.’  

This meant it needed to be signed off by the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Alok Sharma and yesterday he gave the project his seal of approval. 

A BEIS spokesman said: ‘The decision to grant consent for the Cleve Hill solarpark was taken after careful consideration. 

‘Solar power has the capacity to play an important role in the UK ending its contribution to climate change by 2050.  

‘This project will help power nearly 100,000 homes, making it a world-leading solar and storage project.’      

Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Alok Sharma yesterday gave the project his seal of approval

The proposed site is near the village of Graveney, one mile north east of Faversham and three miles west of Whitstable.

The farm may also include one of the world’s largest batteries to help meet demand and store the power.  

The development on the Thames Estuary is also set to hold one of the world’s largest energy-storage facilities, dwarfing the lithium-ion battery built by Tesla’s Elon Musk in South Australia by three times.

The proposed site is near the village of Graveney, one mile north east of Faversham and three miles west of Whitstable

Construction on the site could begin as early as next year with an aim for clean energy production by 2023.

Electricity will be sent to the nearby London Array sub-station, which already receives power from the offshore wind farm.

A development consent order was sent to the Planning Inspectorate in November 2018. 

An extensive examination was held last year to iron out controversial topics with locals such as wildlife, traffic, visual impacts and battery safety.

The largest solar farm is currently in Shotwick in north Wales.  

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