11 "Flip The Switch" Challenge TikToks You Have To Watch Right Now

You’ve probably seen about a million celebs swapping clothes and doing an occasionally-awkward shimmy to Drake’s “Nonstop,” uploaded to the video sharing platform, TikTok. Everyone from J.Lo to former presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has been getting in on the action. Just in case you’ve spent the winter hibernating and only now got your internet connection back, here are 11 "Flip The Switch" Challenge TikToks that you have to watch right now.

Like many viral TikToks, the origins of “Flip The Switch ” have been difficult to trace. After Senator Warren’s appearance on Saturday Night Live, Time Magazine reported that the TikTok account @dallinxbella is behind the 2020 challenge. However, the famed source for internet happenings, Know Your Meme had already cited two videos featuring Drake’s theme that were posted to the app by November 2018. No matter where #fliptheswitch began, it’s clear that the mega-viral trend has exceeded the expectations of its original poster.

So far, it seems like the videos have mostly been excuses for macho dudes to try on their girlfriend’s bodycon dresses.

Dear men: Even when this viral challenge inevitably fades, you can still try on your girlfriend’s clothes and perch on the bathroom counter holding a glass of vino whenever you would like.

If you ever wanted to see Cameron Dallas in an adorable little Reformation number, here’s your chance.

With great power comes great responsibility, and also some glorious TikTok hijinks.

Tragically, Camila Cabello’s "Flip The Switch" did not feature Shawn Mendes. Maybe next time, Shamila fans.

Actress and model Emily Ratajkowski also had to do it to ’em, sporting a Bernie-Sanders-tee and appearing alongside close friend, Josh Ostrovosky.

America’s Got Talent host Howie Mandel proved he’s still up with the latest, in this rendition of the trend.

The team from Ellen also got in on the action. This video of father-daughter singing duo Nick and Sienna is literally too cute for words.

Feeling too busy to get in on the action? Just film during your nighttime routine – bathroom lighting is always more flattering anyway.

Even if you’re aggressively single you can still make it work. Dogs are better than people anyway.

Finally, TikTok isn’t just for teens. The twist on this last one will have you absolutely cackling.

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