3 Products That Will Make Your Hair Smell Amazing

Scent, as we know, is strongly connected to emotion and memory. In fact, we can recall scent with 65% accuracy even a year later. It makes sense then, that for most of us, our most coveted aromas aren’t limited to our go-to perfumes. Products with heavenly, lingering fragrance for hair have earned their place on our vanity. However, we don’t recommend spraying traditional perfume on your hair (the alcohol content can be drying and possibly irritating). Instead, we suggest formulas that are lightweight and specifically designed for delicate strands as well as stylers that give your hair that extra oomph while helping you smell amazing all day.

We’ve rounded up three of our tried-and-true products that leave hair smelling fresh, even if we’ve happened to skip a shampoo or two… or three. Use any of them as a midday pick-me-up or as an extra layer of scent on top of your regular perfume. Whether you’re into fruity florals, like rose and peach, or more mysterious, indulgent notes, like jasmine, these products cover the spectrum of fragrance. Even better, they’ll give you an extra mood boost that will last all day. After all, who doesn’t love the idea of a quick hair spritz in place of a full shampoo-and-condition routine?

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