After Meghan wowed in ‘rebellious’ red, we look at why seven other celebs chose to wear the show-stopping shade – The Sun

IT was one of her final engagements as Duchess of Sussex – and Meghan Markle looked prepared to take on the world.

On the night before International Women’s Day, the rebel royal dressed in the strong colour for a charity event at the Royal Albert Hall with Prince Harry.

Psychologist Karen Haller said of Meg’s £1,295 gown by designer Safiyaa: “Red is the colour we notice before any other.

Wearing it on one of her last evenings as a royal means Meghan is going out with a bang.

“There is a rebellious side to red. Meghan is maybe showing her independence here.”

She is not the only lady in red. Here Karen, author of The Little Book Of Colour, tells Kate Jackson what statement seven other celebs made with the show-stopping shade . . .

Jennifer Aniston

INSTEAD of her usual subtle tones, the Friends actress plumped for this sweeping red Valentino frock for a glam night out at the Oscars back in  February 2013.

Six months earlier, she had become engaged to her ­second husband, the actor Justin Theroux.

Karen says: “For a long time Jennifer had a lot of what was probably unwanted attention following her break-up with Brad Pitt. She was pitied as ‘Poor Jen’.

“Here, she is choosing to grab attention. She’s saying, ‘I’m not Poor Jen, I’m OK’.”

Duchess of Cambridge

KATE wore this bright scarlet dress outside St Mary’s Hospital in ­London after giving birth to Prince Louis in 2018.

It was a touching echo of the outfit Princess Diana wore when she brought newborn Prince Harry out of hospital in 1984.

Karen says: “This is called a personal association, when we wear a colour that reminds us of another event or person.

“It’s very sweet that they like to make sure Diana is still part of important events in their story.”

Cindy Crawford

THE catwalk queen was one of the world’s top models when she dazzled on the Oscars red carpet in 1991.

It was her first appearance with her then-boyfriend, ­Hollywood superstar Richard Gere, who she would later marry and divorce.

Karen says: “Cindy is clearly not shy and retiring here. She is saying, ‘I am here and I am with him’.

“This was her first public en- gagement as part of a power couple.

“If you really want to market yourself, you couldn’t choose a better colour to wear at the Oscars with Richard Gere.”

Jennifer Lawrence

THE Hunger Games actress wore this scarlet Dior gown to collect her Golden Globe in 2016 for the movie Joy.

Jennifer said she had wanted to wear a “really tight” dress but it was her time of the month – so she opted for a loose-fitting alternative which meant she “didn’t have to worry about sucking anything in”.

Karen says: “Even though Jennifer went with Plan B, she still chose this colour for a reason. If you’re lacking energy, then red can pep you up and give you ­confidence.

“She appears to be a nonconformist, likes to have fun and is a bit rebellious, so red would really suit her ­personality.”

Theresa May

A TRUE blue Tory, the former PM donned this red suit when she met President Trump in January 2017 – and she wore the colour again during that year’s ­General Election when a studio audience quizzed her live on TV.

Karen says: “It’s a really good strategy to wear red. Not only does the colour give the person courage, it also makes us believe this is someone in control of the situation.

“The psychological traits of red are stamina, motivation and a call to action. Theresa is saying, ‘I’m not weak – you can’t mess with me’.”

Michelle Obama

THE former First Lady wore this elegant Jason Wu gown for the presidential inaugural ball in 2013, ushering in her husband Barack Obama’s second term in office.

It was in stark contrast to the white dress she wore when he first won office four years earlier.

Karen says: “Michelle had found her place at this point. She had carved out a role and found her own interests and causes to pursue in the White House.

“ I don’t think she was ever not confident, but at the first inauguration she wanted the spotlight to shine on her husband. Second time around she didn’t mind shining out in her own right.

“It also says a lot about Barack Obama. Here’s a man who feels so confident in his position that he doesn’t mind his wife standing out.”


Cheryl Tweedy

AFTER a four-year absence from The X Factor, Cheryl rejoined the show’s judging panel in 2014.

It marked a high-profile period for the singer, with a single and album release plus a new relationship with French restaurateur Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini, who she married later that year.

Karen says: “This picture is from the X Factor auditions when Cheryl joined Mel B on the panel.

“The Spice Girl is a formidable force. To be seen and heard next to her, you need to bolt out of the gates and pull out every trick in the book.

“Cheryl is no pushover but she wouldn’t want to be swallowed up by Mel B.

“She wanted to stand out and show she could hold her own and wouldn’t be the shy, retiring one.”

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