Alicia Keys Details How She Unwinds at the End of the Day — and Her Favorite Skincare Products

Self-care is the key to Alicia Keys' beauty routine. So much so, that when she recently launched her own lifestyle brand, Keys Soulcare, she made sure that the content champions the idea of taking the time for yourself.

In one of the first videos featuring Keys, 39, on the Keys Soulcare website, the singer demonstrates her nightly ″getting unready″ ritual that helps her unwind at the end of a long day. ″I actually love getting undone at night. It's my time. I love taking the time to just bring it down,″ she said.

As soon as she gets home, the singer changes into her comfiest clothes, grabs a mason jar filled with water and lights candles and incense in her bathroom to set the mood.

″Then I go for my face cleanser. So my face is very prone to breakouts, so I am a fanatic about my face wash. I can't just use everything," Keys said as she held up the Osmosis Deep Clean Detox Cleanser.

To help with her breakouts, she mists a tea tea-infused toner allover and then spot treats any pimples using the Advanced Anti-Blemish Lotion with Sulfur. ″Sulfur is the bomb!″ the star said. ″[It's] my favorite trick."

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Since Keys admits that the acne spot treatment smells a little ″funky," she likes to apply Au Lait's Body Butter because the scent is ″unbelievable.″

Once she's done with treating her skin, Keys moves on do doing things that ″make me feel good." She said, "I do cool things like this gorgeous Sacred Rose Water. It's not really for my face. It's just for everything.″

The singer even applies a rollerball with essential oils in between her eyebrows (which she calls her ″third eye″), inside her wrists and behind her ears. ″I am trying to be the most in-tune, in-touch individual, period!"

If it's a night where Keys is really looking to relax, she grabs one of her boxes from Mama Medicine which contains flower petals, tea blends for the bath, selenite sticks, rose quartz crystals and more. ″Each one has a ritual you could follow to clear your space,″ she explained.

She finishes the routine with a ″mean cup of tea" and a little bit of Epicuren's X-Treme Cream. ″We want the skin to be moisturized while I'm dreaming up my dreams,″ Keys said. ″And that's it! Self-love ritual, undo day."

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