Apartment has people feeling 'seasick' over layout and swearing it’s completely unlivable

A NEW home often offers new adventures, and new memories – so that is why it is so important to choose the right home that suits you. 

But after seeing one apartment that’s currently on the market, it’s clear that many have decided what they DON’T want when it comes to choosing a place to live. 

One TikTok user shared a video tour around an apartment in New York City, which is laid out in a way that makes viewers feel like they are going “mad” and getting “seasick”. 

At the start of the clip, the video, which was captioned “my head is hurting” says: "Tell me you can't make a good layout, without telling me…"


It then shows the front door opening into a narrow hallway that gets tighter as it goes around a corner into a living space with a tiny kitchen in one corner.

The video, which was posted by a social media user named @rentnewyork who claims the apartment in Washington Heights is available to rent for $2,950 ( around £2,128) a month -has gathered over eight million views. 

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One person commented: "I feel seasick after watching this."

Another replied: "The layout of this apartment I will never live in makes me so mad…"

'Imagine coming home drunk and trying to find your room'

A third wrote: "Someone said they wanted 'a cute apartment' and the designer heard 'acute apartment'."

And a fourth couldn’t bear to think what it would be like after a night out, by writing: “Imagine coming home drunk and trying to find your room.”

Others were confused by how anyone could move furniture into the place so you can actually live in it. 

"Sitting here trying to figure out how you get any large furniture down that hallway/around the corners," wrote a different user.

A second added: "I was gonna say how the f**k do you get a couch in there but never mind, there's nowhere to put one anyway because there's a f***ing 45 angle wall every 3 feet."

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