Beverly Hills City Council Votes to Allow Elective Surgeries – Including Cosmetic Procedures – to Resume

After California Governor Gavin Newsom outlined the phases of reopening the state as the number of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases begin to stabilize, the Beverly Hills City Council voted to allow all elective surgeries to resume. The vote means that now any cosmetic procedure or plastic surgery will be permitted in the city of Beverly Hills.

CNN reported that members of the City Council voted 4-1 to remove the restrictions originally implemented by California which were intended to allow for more free hospital beds for coronavirus patients.

However, while some were concerned with the notion that cosmetic procedures are now allowed in Beverly Hills, the City tweeted on Wednesday to say that it does not recommend those treatments to occur.

"BH Council votes 4-1 to allow medical procedures to resume including Colonoscopies and Angioplasties. This aligns with the State’s mandate. While some elective procedures will be allowed, others including cosmetic surgeries are still not recommended by State, County or City of BH," the City of Beverly Hills' tweet said.


Council member John Mirisch was the only member to vote against the moratorium's repeal.

"It's bad policy and it's irresponsible. The motion was made to just basically rescind the protections we've taken more than a month ago and open up those floodgates. Not only does it send the wrong message, it's just the wrong thing to do at this time I think," said Mirisch, according to FOX11 LA.


Mirsch added: "I was absolutely supportive of angioplasty, tumor removal, heart valve replacement, those sort of medically necessary procedures. What I do have a problem with is allowing purely elective cosmetic surgery so rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, Botox, that sort of thing. I don't think people need Botox now. I think that can wait. I don't think people need liposuction. I don't think people need face jobs especially when you're supposed to be covering your face."

However, Beverly Hills Mayor Lester Friedman defended the decision to allow elective surgeries to resume, saying it allows the City to comply with Newsom's order (last week, Newsom announced that the state would begin to allow scheduled surgeries).

"We just wanted to be in line with what the state and the L.A. County Department of Public Health has permitted," Friedman told CNN. "Why council member Mirisch thinks, or has tweeted, or has put out that all of a sudden people can get purely cosmetic surgeries is beyond me and my colleagues."

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