Bride cruelly mocked over wedding dress pattern which looks like a ‘rose wedgie’

FUTURE brides often spend what feels like an eternity shoppingfor their dream wedding dress – with many trying on hundreds before finding 'the one'.

But one bride has been brutally mocked for her chosen frock after a snap of the gown was shared online with many saying it looks like a 'rose wedgie'.

The dress in question has a corset-style bodice – highlighting her curvy figure.

But the bottom half features a ruched skirt and has three chunky roses sewn directly over her bum – with matching floral detailing over the shoulder straps too.

The photo of the anonymous bride and her dress was shared in a wedding shaming Facebook group which has since had hundreds of people poke fun at the floral design.

While some admitted they didn't mind the dress, many compared it to a 'floral wedgie' and questioned the unfortunate positioning of the arrangement.

"That rose placement… Veeery questionable," one person commented.

And another said: "Why so many butt roses lately. This cannot be a trend. I refuse to believe that."

While many of the responses were seriously brutal,some didn’t hate the dress and actually though it had potential.

One woman questioned: : “Omg the top half is so cute too – why did she want a rose wedgie?!”

Another agreed: “The dress looks promising but that rose placement ruins it.”

And a third said: “This would be a beautiful dress…. without the butt roses.”

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