I found out my date had a girlfriend through my doorbell camera – his reaction when I told her was terrifying

AN UNLUCKY in love woman has released chilling footage of the moment she allegedly exposed her date as a cheat through a doorbell camera – and he goes absolutely berserk.

TikToker Briony Tallis claims to have previously been on a date with the man who allegedly had a girlfriend.

In the first of two videos the cheat can be seen arriving at her door for their date, but he is allegedly on the phone to his girlfriend.

He can be heard saying: "I’ll see you later, I promise. I need to eat with my parents first.

"OK, OK, bye baby. I love you."

Briony – who says she went on the date before making the discovery – then posted the clip to video sharing platform TikTok to expose the man.


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The TikToker captioned the video: “If ur bf goes by justin, lives in oc, and drives a white honda, i have news for u.”

The man asks the woman if he can come inside for a “house tour” and to “Netflix.”

It has since racked up an eye watering 8.8 MILLION views and a whopping 1.5 million likes

She goes on to reveal that she had been in contact with the man's girlfriend and they "are friends now".

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But events took a chilling turn when her date discovers he had been outed by Briony – and he turns up at her house and becomes violent.

In a terrifying second video the man can be seen attempting to confront the woman as she talks to him through the video doorbell insisting she’s not home, but the man is having none of it.

He screams: “I’ve been trying to understand but can’t wrap my mind around why you had to tell my girlfriend and make this whole big-ass mess.”

The crazed date then starts jumping at her door trying to find a hidden key on the top of the door frame as he becomes filled with rage.

He shouts: “I know you’re in there, there has to be a key.”

The woman hits back: “I can’t really understand why you took me out on a date when you had a girlfriend!"

I know you’re in there, there has to be a key

Terrified, the woman says she is calling the cops – and the cheat runs for his life.

Users flocked to share their feelings on the video, with many expressing sheer shock at the man's behaviour.

One user chimed: “HE TRIED TO BREAK INTO UR HOUSE????”

While another asserted: “Girl nooo…that’s so scary…what the hell."

And a third appeared angered, slamming: “The AUDACITY of him!”

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The TikToker has not provided further information about her identity, who the man is, or what happened to him after he tried to break in.

Smart doorbell recording devices—like the Amazon Ring, SkyBell, and Google Nest – have allowed a string of TikTok users to expose cheats in recent years.

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