I tried making pigs in blankets in my air fryer – they came out so good, it's definitely become one of my favourites | The Sun

FOR foodies, Christmas usually means spending hours in the kitchen trying to make dozens of meals for your family and guests.

But what if you could whip up festive favourites in just minutes with almost no hassle? And all you needed was an air fryer?

Well, one user on TikTok has claimed to have achieved just that by preparing the ultimate pigs in blankets.

The recipe, shared by Bents Garden & Home (@bentsgardenhome), has become their favourite and we're sure it's bound to turn into a staple in your kitchen too.

The British classic requires just two ingredients – mini sausages and bacon – as well as the star of the show – air fryer.

Depending on how many guests you have, wrap slices of bacon around the sausages and load them into the kitchen appliance.

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Although the social media user did not mention how long they had cooked them for, another recipe online recommends cooking them for just eight minutes at 180C.

Once the time was up, the foodie revealed what the pigs in blankets looked like – the bacon was crispy and they had a lovely, mouth-watering golden colour.

''Air fryer pigs in blankets are one of our favourites,'' read the caption under the video.

''they look lush,'' a fellow foodie was stunned by the results.

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Speaking of all things Christmas, one keen cook has shared how he’s tested cooking a turkey in his air fryer – and was super impressed with the end product.

TikTok user Ollie Eats, aka @ollieeats, was curious to see how the bird would roast in his kitchen device, so decided to give it a try.

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In a recent video on his social media account, he said to his 436,000 plus followers: “Can you Air Fry a turkey? 

“I’ve got this 2KG butter fried half turkey from Muscle Food and I was wondering if I could reduce the cooking time and energy output using my Air Fryer and not my oven.”

Getting stuck in, Ollie seasoned the turkey with salt, pepper, garlic granules and mixed herbs.

It was then ready to be placed into the increasingly in-demand kitchen gadget.

Ollie chose to cook the bird at 180 degrees and said he wanted to cook it until the internal temperature was 75 degrees.

Once this was achieved, Ollie removed the turkey from the Air Fryer, ready to see how it tasted.

He continued: “Once it hits the temperature, I’m leaving it to rest. After resting, I carved it up.”

But what did he find? Giving his verdict, Ollie said: “By cooking it in the Air Fryer, we shaved off 30 minutes of the cooking time and produced a really nice, lean piece of meat.”

Ollie’s followers were equally impressed by the look of the turkey and many said they might follow in his footsteps this festive season.

One wrote: “Ok Christmas.”

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Another commented: “Looks decent.”

While others tagged family members and friends and asked: “Christmas Air Fryer turkey?”

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