I was fired from Gucci in my first week for boasting about the freebies online – here's what happens when you get sacked | The Sun

A GUCCI worker fired after a week for boasting about her uniform has revealed the bitter truth behind getting the sack.

Not only did Melanie Moradi lose her job, she also lost all the freebies she was given to look the part of a luxury sales assistant. 

The retail worker was sacked for “violating Gucci social media guidelines” last month when she called her new white trainers “basic” and claimed to “kind of hate” one of the blazers.

She uploaded her uniform haul on TikTok after landing the job in Los Angeles, US but was fired a week later for the post.

Viewers assumed she would get to keep the luxury attire and thought they had found the “ultimate way” to get free Gucci.

But it turns out, this isn’t the case. 

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In a second video, Melanie cleared up: “Fun fact: they don't let you keep the freebies.

“How do I know?

“Because they made me give it back after they fired me for that TikTok.”

As part of her staff uniform, she was given three blouses, two pairs of trousers and two blazers.

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To accessorise the smart attire was a £435 belt, the Italian fashion house’s iconic GG Marmont Mini Shoulder Bag bag worth £1,160 and four pairs of branded socks.

By way of shoes, she got a plain white pair of trainers worth over £500 and a £655 pair of black leather loafers.

And while Melanie likes one of the blazers and the “chic” handbag, she dubbed her white trainers as “basic” and claimed to hate the collarless blazer. 

Gucci reportedly accused the content creator of “violating its social media guidelines”.

She was sacked from the job within a week and has now revealed she had to return all of the freebies. 

People flocked to the comments of her second video to share their thoughts.

One viewer said: “It’s conditional. Makes sense. 

“Why would they allow you to keep something you didn’t earn?”

Another questioned: “What did you really expect? 

“They aren't going to let you keep anything for free.”

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Others warned against posting anything about your job on social media to avoid being fired like Melanie.

One viewer said: “Y’all have to stop fumbling your bag for TikTok.”

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