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A HOOTERS server has shown off her fit physique and cheerleading skills while at her place of work.

The young woman kept herself busy during her workday at the dining establishment by showing off some dance moves that left viewers impressed.

TikTok user Maya Allegra went viral after sharing a short and sweet video of herself entertaining audiences with a cute dance.

The blonde woman typically posts content that shows a day in her life and funny behind-the-scenes during her hours spent working at Hooters.

In one TikTok video, she gives viewers a glimpse into a fun activity she does to keep herself busy at work that has some viewers saying she should have her own calendar.

Allegra knows how to keep her online audience enthused and shows off her lean and toned body shape.


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The video begins with the woman standing in the center of the video at what appears to be a Hooters restaurant.

She is wearing the signature Hooters uniform, the food company's white tank top, staple orange shorts, tights, high white socks, and white Skechers sneakers.

Her long blond hair is flowing around her face and her glowing makeup is age-appropriate and natural.

Allegra completes the overall vibe by holding orange and white cheerleading pom poms.

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The song "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC is playing in the background of the video, and she dances along to the song.

She shakes the pom poms and moves her hips side to side, as she dances along to the beat.

At specific points of the song, where the artist sings the words "Thunder," she shakes and moves the pom poms.

Toward the end of the video, she bends herself over halfway and rolls back up, exposing her lifted and full bust.

She ends the video by bringing one knee up and shaking the pom poms, moving her arms up and down, mimicking a cheerleading move.

The Hooters server received high praise for her looks and talent in the comment section of the video.

"You should have your own calendar," one viewer commented.

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"Lovely lady. Great cheer moves. Cheers to u back," one user added.

"Wo!!! Hooters has cheerleaders now??? Genius. Dallas Cowboys ain’t got nothin on that," another user shared.

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