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WE’RE all guilty of giving our homes a deep clean whenever we’re expecting guests – even if they are just stopping by for a cup of tea.

But what if someone told you that guests aren’t actually looking at tea bags on the side of your sink or your toilet roll being the wrong way round?

New research has found that guests are unlikely to notice a number of things about your home. 

Among these are toothbrushes coated in old toothpaste, a smell, bottles of toilet gel or bleach next to the toilet and little areas of clutter.

Surprisingly, mould is unlikely to turn heads either – despite it being a common problem for over 25% of renters. 

The revelations come after property development experts Essential Living analysed thousands of comments from Reddit.

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The comments were discussing the things that guests are most and least likely to judge us on when popping round.

Experts also found that having a showhome-esque house can actually make guests feel less comfortable. 

Homes that are “overly clean” are the third biggest thing people judge someone’s home over.

Other things you’re likely to get judged for are a dirty microwave, sugar with tea or coffee stains on it, mouldy food on display and urine on the toilet seat.

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Psychologist Barbara Santini explained: “Although keeping your home clean and orderly can make it seem inviting, being excessively clean can make your guests feel uncomfortable. 

“If your home is too sterile, your guests will feel self-conscious about making a mess.

“While I recommend keeping your home clean when guests visit, you should find a balance between comfort and cleanliness.

“This will create a conducive environment for guests to socialise, relax, and have fun without feeling pressured to maintain extreme cleanliness”.

Nick Woodward, Lettings Director at Essential Living, added: “Home is our safe space and somewhere we can be proud of. 

“But it’s also a place where we invite the outside world in so it's interesting to find out exactly what people notice when they arrive – and what they’re not so bothered about.

“Next time you invite someone over, this might be the reminder you needed to give the dishes an extra rinse, but not to worry too much if your home isn’t ‘showroom’ ready.”

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