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YOU'VE chucked at least a gallon of laundry detergent and have put the clothes for a long cycle… yet when you take them out, they still reek just as bad as they did before the wash.

You assume the problem's in the detergent – maybe you poured too little? Maybe it's expired? Maybe, you think to yourself, you should've purchased a more expensive one?

But perhaps the problem's not in the products – maybe it's your washing machine that needs a good clean.

At least, this is what one cleaning fan reckons, claiming a dirty washing machine often leads to stinky laundry.

''Damp environments promote mold growth and odor, so it’s important to clean it monthly at minimum,'' explained Vianna, who goes by @styledbyscience on Instagram.

Offering a helping hand to fellow cleaning enthusiasts, the New York-based fashion pro listed six easy ways to give your washing machine a makeover – and it will look brand new in minutes.

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First, she showed in the video, start by cleaning the tray and remove any leftover washing powder by using a cloth or a wipe.

Just as important is draining excess water – you can do this by opening the filter located along the bottom of its front end.

Although this DIY project should not create a huge mess, it's best to be safe and place a few towels in case there's water leaking.

As with any appliances, read and follow the instructions on the manual beforehand.

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Whilst cleaning, also make sure to wipe the gasket – this is where most of the mould will start growing over time, giving laundry that unpleasant damp smell.

To get rid of any nasty bacteria, Vianna also advised to pour one cup of vinegar inside the tray and rinse on hot.

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For the ultimate washing machine transformation, the pro then chucked half a cup of baking soda – a staple in many cleaning hacks – inside the drum and put it for a final wash.

''Voila! Your laundry will smell so much better,'' Vianna exclaimed.

''My clothes came out smelling SO MUCH fresher after using these steps!''

The step-by-step tutorial has taken the internet by storm, racking up more than a whopping 3.4million views.

One fan was so impressed, they couldn't wait to give it a go too.

''Omggg doing this as soon as I get home.''

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Another penned: ''Such good tips!!''

''I'll have to save this for later!'' a third added.

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