I’m a council estate queen and if you grew up on one like me you definitely know someone with one of these names

A WOMAN who grew up on a council estate shares her fun observations and top names on the block on Tiktok.

Tiktoker Lily Dee, 33, shares her takes on growing up on a council estate and the names she would most commonly hear.

In her Tiktok which has nearly 5000 views, listing the top names from 5 to 1 she says:"Counting down the top 5 council estate kids names.

"Are we ready for this, course we are.

"Right, coming in at number five, gotta be Mason, hasn't it, good ol' Mason.

"He's alright but if you give him too many sweets he's bouncing round the house, get down Mason.


"Coming in at number four, we've got Skylar.

"Aww cute little Skylar, face like an angel, temper like a f**king devil."

"Number three, Aidan, Braiden, Jayden or Kayden, anything with Aiden on the end.

"Usually a little shit, always robbing your football like from your front garden and your pedal bike, take it in the shed or Aiden will have it.

"The two spot, coming in at number two, goes to our Destiny.

"Cute but her sister Mercedes will come and smash your head in if you rob her red crayons let me tell you that."

Rounding off the list, Lily said: "Coming in at the one spot, last but not least, McKenzie.

"Named after the tracksuit in the nineties, I've told ya Michelle I'm not taking him shopping anymore he kicks the back of my car seat and I've had enough."

Lily's previous videos on the names got tonnes of interest, racking up nearly a million views.

Fans of her flocked to the comments to sing her praises, with most saying they 'love it.'

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One said, 'I love your vids' while another wrote, 'I love your TikToks.'

Her video definitely tickled one parent, who said: "Haha I have a Mason and you described him too a T haha love it."

Lily also did the top dad names heard on a council estate which a lot of people are relating to and even adding their own.

She said: "If you grew up in a council estate you definitely heard these names, I'm gonna count down the top 5 council estate Dad names.

"So for 5, we've got good old Tony.

"Good ol' Anthony, only Grandma calls him Anthony though, she's still kickin though bless her, 102 she is, help her with shopping.

"Anyway, coming in at number 4, got good ol' Rob, Robbo, Roberto.

"Good ol' Rob, need to borrow a drill? Robbo will borrow you one. No messin'

"Coming at number 3, good ol' John, Johnno, Johnboy. Used to be a nice lad but on gear now.

"Number 2 we've got Steve, Stevo, good ol' Stephen, nicest lad you'll ever meet.

"Help you out with anything but don't f**k about with him cos his brothers solid just got out of jail for murder.

To round off her top list, Lily said: "And coming at number one it's got to be our Dave.

"Good ol' Dave the rave in his cave mooching about the estate."

Fans loved this video too, as one said: "my dad is Dave and we grew up on council estate."

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