I'm a dermatologist – lazy makeup mistake is ageing your face, especially around your eyes | The Sun

FACE wipes are a cheap and easy way to remove makeup off your skin.

But a skincare expert has warned they could actually be doing some damage to your face.

Nicola Russell, who runs her own clinic Skin Geek in Falkirk, reveals the common mistake beauty fans make when using makeup wipes.

The Scots facialist reveals that many people use the wipes as a cleanser when they should only really be used for breaking down makeup.

Nicola explained: "First of all, they are designed to break down makeup, they aren’t really designed to be cleansing your skin. 

"This is where a lot of people get it wrong, they are using the makeup wipes as a replacement to cleansers.

"Wipes tend to have a lot more preservatives than your average cleanser, so that the pack keeps the wipes bacteria free.

"This can irritate a lot of people and disrupt the natural protective barrier we have on our skin."

Nicola – who counts Gemma Collins, Amy Macdonald and Chloe Sims as clients – reveals the best way to use face wipes is to initially remove makeup and then use a good quality cleanser afterwards as your second cleanse.

If you don't do a second cleanse then the wipes could cause some premature ageing around the eyes and even some irritation and dryness.

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Nicola added: "The biggest and scariest harm is that they can cause premature ageing, especially around the eyes. 

"Using a wipe requires a lot more pressure than if you were to take a good quality cleanser to your skin.

"Using this pressure around the delicate eye area will, over time cause dryness, irritation and age the area prematurely.

"They can also cause breakouts. If you aren’t doing the recommended second cleanse after your wipe then residue will remain in the pores, this leads to the inevitable."

Nicola urges makeup fans to use face wipes to the bare minimum and only when you need to take off your slap.

She said: "Keep the usage of them to a bare minimum!

"If you like the ease of makeup wipes then I'd recommend micellar water and cotton wool pads over makeup wipes.

"They are kinder, cheaper and a more eco friendly option."

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