I’m a farmer – people love the beach attire I wear under my work dress | The Sun

A WOMAN has proven that working on the farm doesn't have to compromise one's wardrobe — at least in terms of undergarments.

She stunned viewers with her stylish bikini under her farm dress.

The farmer boasts over 17,000 followers and counting under the handle @allaroundfarmer on TikTok.

She took to the social media platform to give viewers a sense of her style on the farm.

First, she modeled her multi-colored dress while standing outside by the barn.

She asked viewers if they want to see what she's wearing under her dress.

In a video transition, she stepped away from the camera and quickly revealed her green bikini top with strappy detail.

"Did you see it?" she asked.

"#ItsaBikini," she added in the caption of the video.

Viewers took to the comment section to share their two cents with the farmer.

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Many fans complimented her beauty in and out of her farm dress.

"Gorgeous," one wrote.

"Wow sweetie you are so beautiful," another added.

"Beautiful queen," a third wrote.

Others inquired about her daily duties as a farmer.

"WOW! What else do you do out in the fields?" one inquired.

"Google it," she replied.

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