I'm a female firefighter – people are skeptical when they see me but I don’t have to look a certain way to do my job | The Sun

A FEMALE firefighter has extinguished the skepticism around her abilities in the field.

Though trolls may say her look isn't suitable for the dangerous job, she knows she's capable.

Ashley Jay Perez (@ashleyjayperez) dedicates herself to her career and self-care practices.

And just because she indulges in hair and beauty care doesn't mean she can't perform her work duties.

She posted a video to respond to skeptics who claim she doesn't appear to be a firefighter.

The screen was black and white, blurred so her face couldn't be deciphered.

Jay's facial features were indistinguishable, but the outline of her frame was easy to make out.

Her caption read: "When they say you don't look like a firefighter."

Suddenly, the filter wore off, and Jay was clear and present.

Her long blonde hair was tucked in a ponytail.

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She was in her work attire: a gray short-sleeve T-shirt, an equipment belt, and navy blue trousers.

The brave worker had long black eyelashes, hinting at her light makeup coverage.

"We don't have to look a certain way to do our job," Jay proclaimed.

And her followers didn't think so either. They complimented her appearance and thanked her for all she's done.

"Ooh, preach," an unconditional supporter wrote.

A kind-hearted fan exclaimed: "Oh, wow. Stunning. Beautiful."

"Thank you for your service," an appreciative individual commented.

"Haters going to hate. You go, girl," one woman remarked.

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