I'm a female miner – I'm making that money and doing it better than the men, blue collar babes gotta have fun | The Sun

A FEMALE miner has revealed the attractions of a career spent in the dirt, dust, and underground.

The appeal is obvious because she said she is making money and having a whole lot of fun as a blue collar babe.

Kristen Luzania (@kristenluzania) also reckons she is doing it a lot better than her male counterparts.

“Making that money, doing it betta than the men," she wrote with a touch of pride.

Then added in her post, "Blue-collar babes gotta have fun while working in a man’s world."

Kristen's ultra-glamorous look shouldn't fool anyone.

This lady can work a monster dumpster truck like the best of them.

She's had to be determined to make a career in mining.

There are still very few women working in the industry.

Traditionally male-dominated, women like Kristen are treading a path for others who want to follow in their paths.

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“It’s a bumpy road but a joyride," she said on her TikTok.

She urged others to pursue their goals too.

“Go after your biggest dreams. Do not settle. Do not let people tell you that you cannot do anything you put your mind to," she said.

"Never take no for an answer," she said with defiance.

One guy was full of admiration for her in the comments on her post.

“That right there is something most men will never understand. Mad respect," he said.

But there was honesty in the concluding remark from another guy.

“There’s no way I could work with you. We’d be dancing all day," he said.

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