I’m a gardening expert & there’s three hacks that’ll help you achieve thicker and healthier grass

With sunshine sweeping across the nation, it's likely you'll be spending the best part of today outside in your garden.

But is your lawn in need of some serious TLC?

Well, a gardening expert has revealed his secrets to achieving thicker and healthier grass.

And best of all? His three top tips are super simple!

Marc Kerr, who is the co-founder of UK subscription lawncare brand So&Mo, spoke to The Express and revealed that it's all to do with how often you mow the lawn.

He begins by explaining that while some green-fingered homeowners may be tempted to cut the blades really short, it's instead best to go for a more regular, smaller trim.


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“For an established lawn, mowing little and often is the secret," he explained. "As the weather warms, the more regularly you can cut, the better.

“Every three to four days will encourage the grass to grow thicker and healthier.”

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He also notes that being aware of how much grass you trim each time will help to minimise chances of scalping.

The gardening expert explains that this is something you'll come across if your grass is trimmed so short, it reveals the grass stems.

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As a result, the grass may see less sun, increasing the chances of a brown lawn.

Instead, the expert says that leaving grass blades long enough to attract energy from the sun will ensure they'll grow thick and healthy.

“Set the blades to the highest setting for your first mow, and make sure not to remove more than one-third of the grass blade at once,” he explained.

He goes on to advise against mowing when the weather is wet, warning that it won't give a "clean cut," and notes that if there's rain leftover on your grass blades, try brushing the “length of your hosepipe” across the lawn to help get rid of it.

“Removing any water sitting on top will stop it from clumping and sticking to the inside drum of the lawnmower," he said.

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And when it comes to mowing, the gardening expert also suggests leaving just one patch unmoved and applying a wildflower mix to help attract pollinators.

“Natural grass is a habitat for birds, bees, and the planet," he added. "Pollinators need green spaces to keep their ecosystem thriving.”

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