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A GARDENING pro has shared eight of the easiest tips to keep your plants alive – and they’ll only set you back pennies. 

Armen suggested using a tablespoon of cinnamon to keep pesky insects away, and a sponge at bottom of your plant pots for a no-effort solution to watering. 

He also claimed keen gardeners can use sellotape to quickly remove spider mites from leaves.

Known online as @creative_explained, the content creator regularly shares life hacks and green-fingered tips with his 5.9 million followers. 

In a new TikTok reel, he said: “Gardening hacks. 

“If you put a sponge in the bottom of a pot it’ll act as a water reserve for your plant, keeping the soil nice and moist. 


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“Sprinkle cinnamon on the soil to keep ants away, and stimulate root growth!

“Misting your plants with chamomile tea will boost their growth and prevent diseases on the leaves. 

“If you want your plants to bloom, sprinkle some Epsom salt on the soil. 

“To quickly remove bugs off leaves, just wrap some tape around your hand and then just tap away. 

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“Check this out… dead on contact. Sorry spider mites. 

“After you’re done boiling potatoes, all that water is packed with nutrients. 

“Don’t dump it out. Save it and use it to fertilise your plants!

“Clone your plants with honey! Just get a clipping, cut the bottom on an angle, dip it in the honey and plant it in soil. Done.  

“Put a whole egg in the hole next time you plant something – it’ll enrich the soil.”

Fans loved his quick, green-fingered tips, with the video gaining more than 32,500 likes and 344,400 views. 

In the comments, other TikTokkers shared their reactions, with one writing: “So many ideasss!”

“Okay the cinnamon and epsom salt ones are true and will work. They are not long term like everything in this video, but it works,” commented another. 

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A third added: “I love this guy! He has all sorts of tricks for plants and stuff.”

Someone else put: “Constantly learning. Love your info. I use it offen.”

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