I’m a gym girl who shed over 120 lbs – people say I haven’t just lost weight but ‘turned it into pure power’ | The Sun

A WOMAN has shed over 120 pounds but people say she did more than just lose weight.

With her new muscular physique, fans joked that she turned her weight loss into "pure power."

The fitness influencer (@killawats.fit) shared her progress video with over 40,000 TikTok followers.

Critics tried their best to de-moralizing her, telling her that weight loss was just not possible.

"No one can just wake up and decide to lose over 120 lbs," said one.

She shared a video of herself before the weight loss, showing off her arms, before revealing her progress.

The gym girl flexed her arms, showing off sleeves of tattoos and her new toned body.

"I did," she said simply, adding the hashtags #bodylossjourney and #bodypositivity.

People took to the comments to share their thoughts on her transformation.

"SLAYYYYYYY OMFG you were beautiful before and now you're badA**," said one.

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The influencer was thankful for the support: "The older version of myself was unhappy, but that didn’t mean she deserved so much of my hatred. Thank you for seeing beauty in her," she said.

Others were shaken to their core by the glow up: "Never in my life have I actually had my jaw dropped until this, good lord," said one.

"Doesn't look like you lost any weight, just turned it into pure power," said another.

"Lost 120 in fat and gain in MUSCLES!" agreed a third.

"You didn't just lose weight, you also created muscle and that's amazing!" said a fourth.

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