I’m a mum and here are five things all mums do but don’t admit to & yes, chicken nuggets for breakfast is fine with me | The Sun

THERE’S no denying that being a parent is very challenging – ensuring that your children are fed, dressed and get enough sleep are things that can sometimes feel impossible.

But one mum has taken to TikTok to claim that there are five things that all mums do, but will never admit to.

Natalie Sutherland has 12.5k followers and 130.7k likes on TikTok and describes herself as a ‘real mum’.

While many parents will feel the pressure to always have everything perfect, this isn’t always possible, and Natalie spills the tea on the common things that parents do but won’t admit to. 

Natalie uploaded her video with the caption ‘Keeping it real for all my mamas!’.

She said: “Five things perfect mums won’t admit to doing, never fear, a real mum is here.

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“Make my 12-year-old empty the dishwasher and hang up the washing because I can’t be a**ed and want a coffee.

“Don’t remember to brush my son’s teeth before bed until he is in it so I just leave him.

“Only cut my kid’s toenails when I shout ouch at them scratching my leg.

“Don’t take them to PTA events because we have better ways to spend our weekends.

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“Let my son eat chicken nuggets and chips for breakfast, lunch and dinner.” 

Natalie’s video has clearly impressed many, as it has racked up a whopping 91.1k views.

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It has 6,698 likes, 157 comments and 38 shares.

Many parents related to Natalie and took to the comments to express this. 

One person said: “Ugh the toothbrushing one is so easily done”. 

Another added: “My kids are 3 and 4 and I get them to unload and fill the tumble dryer”. 

A third commented: “My daughter lives on chocolate spread sandwiches and chicken nuggets. I'm not fighting over food, far too knackered”. 

Someone else admitted: “Omg the 3rd one is so me”. 

Lots of parents related so much that they were eager to be friends with Natalie.

One mum claimed: “You are my soulmate!!!!”

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A second asked: “When are you free for a coffee bestie?” 

Another stated: “Let's be friends… do play dates/gin days and let the kids just fall asleep where they drop lol”.

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