I’m a serial cheat – bored husbands sneak out of the house at Christmas to see me, they bring me £25k gifts

CHRISTMAS is a time for family and being together, but according to serial mistress Gweneth Lee, she’s very much a part of the family, even if the wives don’t know it.

Gweneth, 49, who's from California but lives in London, has been exclusively dating married men since 2008, when she joined Illicit Encounters dating site.

Since then, she's dated over 100 men including millionaire businessmen, and says that things certainly don’t slow down over the festive period.

Speaking to Fabulous Digital Gweneth says: “My phone is constantly buzzing over Christmas with messages from frustrated husbands.

“Of course I don’t get to see my lovers on Christmas Day, but boy do I get to hear from them.

“My men are highly frustrated and stuck at home with their wives who are no longer intimate with them so they’ll message me constantly, sending me pictures and asking me for pictures.

“And the moment that they have the opportunity the husbands will sneak out to come and see me.

 “They will make their excuses and say they have to go to the office or pick something up and really they’ll be picking up me

“And the wives never clock on, they’re too busy with the kids and in-laws and quite frankly I think they’re glad to have their men out of the house.”

And when she is reunited with her lovers, Gweneth is lavished with gifts that their wives could only dream of.

“I am never short of gifts when it comes to Christmas,” she says.

“I’m treated to expensive jewellery, lingerie, champagne, chocolates, cashmere scarves, shoes, bags, the list could go on forever.

“One year I was given a platinum and diamond Cartier bracelet which was £25,000.

“And they’ll always arrange something special after the big day – I had one lover who would always book the most amazing suits for us to have our own celebrations in. 

“Of course it is difficult for me to get them anything in return because of their helicopter wives.”

You’d be forgiven for thinking that men would use Christmas as a time to reconnect with their wives, but on the contrary, Gweneth says she receives a surge in interest from married blokes.

“I get a huge surge in interest around Christmas, people do feel lonely and a lot of the time they just want someone to talk to,” she says.

“I find a lot of men like to pick a fight with their partner before New Year so they can then take someone else out.”

Gweneth even has friends registering their interest in her over the holiday season.

She says: “My married friends don’t feel threatened by me because they know I’m not a husband stealer. 

“In fact so many of my girlfriend’s husbands will ask if I’d be interested in dating another of their married friends.

“Others have point blank asked me how they can find a mistress of their own – I am always very discreet with my advice.”

Gwneth became a mistress after her oil executive husband Robert died from cancer over a decade ago.

The serial entrepreneur runs four different businesses, and has absolutely no interest in a monogamous relationship.

She explains: “I think my family would have loved to have seen me get remarried but they have also seen me have disastrous relationships with single men.

“In the last five years I agreed that once a year for one month I would try dating apps.

“But I don’t like feeling like I’m someone on a Chinese menu but a lot of single men have no issue with that.”

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