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YOUR home is a reflection of your personal style, so you may want to avoid the latest tacky trends.

An interior design expert has revealed the common trends which may be hindering the look of your home.

YouTube user Arvin Olano shared the top 10 décor mistakes that are making your home look tacky.

For his first tip, Arvin advised his followers to avoid mirrors that look like windows.

"You are not fooling anyone with that. Instead of hanging a fake window, go ahead and get a beautifully crafted mirror," the expert said.

The interior designer also recommended blending your tones rather than having matching accent colors.

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"Ladies, I want you to think about when you're doing your eyeshadow," Arvin said while discussing blending.

The YouTuber also suggested incorporating your own style into your space.

He explained: "Do you really want to have your guests come to your home and say 'Wow, your house looks like a Pottery Barn?' Or do you want your guests to come and say 'Wow, this is Arvin's home?'"

Arvin also told viewers too avoid having too many textures, too many cushions, and just overcrowding in general.

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Painted accent arches on your walls are also a no-go, according to the interior design pro.

"It just feels very disjointed. If you want to add an arched element to your room, do it with a mirror, do it with a furniture piece, do it through accessories," he advised.

For his next tip, Arvin explained that themed rooms can bring down the look of your home.

"We don't need a beach house sign, we don't need seashells, we don't need a farmer's market sign. When you're doing a themed room, don't go overboard. You don't need to overload on accessories," he said.

He continued: "The next thing we need to stop doing to our home is buying fake-scented products."

Instead of purchasing scented candles, Arvin recommended using a diffuser.

Finally, the interior designer explained the importance of purchasing the correct sized rug for your space.

"When a rug is too small, it just dwarfs your space. it feels like your furniture is kind of like floating on your floor," he explained.

Arvin's subscribers took to the YouTube comments section to share their thoughts on the tips.

"The pottery barn comment is so grounding to me. Thank you. I feel all my friends have that 'perfect show room look,' home and that may at times make me doubt my personal style," said one viewer.

Another person wrote: "The eyeshadow analogy was soooo good!!! Total light bulb moment on how to play with color, which has always been a challenge for me."

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