Inside the most lavish celeb wardrobes – from Khloe Kardashian’s ‘extension room’ to Mariah’s ‘gold only’ shoe cupboard

KIM Kardashian recently offered a glimpse inside her immaculate wardrobe while posing for a cheeky Instagram snap.

And while the entire room lined with racks of designer clothing was enough to make our eyes water, she isn't the only celeb whose wardrobe we admire.

The rich and famous are often seen donning designer shoes, bags and dresses, so it's only natural to have a lavish space to store such expensive pieces.

Some celebs have floor to ceiling shelves that house their enviable shoe collection immaculately sorted by colour, while some have beautifully tailored jackets hung in perfect rows.

But it isn't just the designer clothing that's super impressive as some lavish wardrobes featuring incredible finishes too – from hanging chandeliers to luxurious timber cabinetry and marble floors.

Though their lifestyles seem so far from our own, social media has allowed us a sneak peak inside their luxurious, and sometimes ridiculous, homes showing us all exactly what dreams are made of.

Khloe Kardashian – Extension Room and a fitness room

Earlier this year, Kim K's younger sister Khloe revealed her newly organised home which featured an exclusive hair extension room.

While it might seem bizarre to many, Khloe is often seen sporting trendy do's with clip in hair extensions offering her variety.

With that in mind, it's only natural for her to want, and need, a space to keep them and it's seriously insane.

The room is lined with racks where hundreds of hair pieces hang from hangers with every shade of blonde and pink imaginable.

What's better than one over-sized luxurious wardrobe for you hair extensionyou ask? Well, a second for your fitness gear.

Khloe's lifestyle doesn't come as a surprise to many, but what might is that she has an entire wardrobe just for her fitness attire.

While it's bigger than most of our bedrooms, the room is exclusively for her training gear including leggings, crop, tracksuits and trainers.

And, as expected, it's as perfect as the rest of her LA mansion.

Mariah Carey – Touch of gold

The singer is known for her diva-like ways, so we wouldn't expect anything less than an immaculate and, frankly, over the top wardrobe for her shoes.

While her extensive shoe collection is impressive enough, though, her entirely gold interior is far more superior.

The shoe-drobe features endless shelves of stilettos and even has a pink throne-like chair for the singer to sit in while she models her designer shoes.

Paris Hilton – Mirrored magic

Having been a singer, actress, model and a well known socialite on the party scene, an extravagant wardrobe is a given.

While not as big as some others we've seen, the space still stores an incredible display of colourful clothing items, an extensive jewellery collection and a whole cabinet full of clutches.

In the centre stands a glamorous mirrored unit which no doubt stores some pretty spectacular pieces.

Jenna Dewan – Modernistic and simplistic

While her dance moves and incredibly toned physique might be impressive enough, her wardrobe gives us another reason to feel envious of the star.

Despite it's simple and modern layout, the space is an avid organisers dream as it everything is neatly stored away in allocated drawers and cupboards.

It features two whole rows of jeans, in every shade imaginable, with perfectly folded-over hangers.

Meanwhile, her collection of sun hats are also on full display.

Catherine Zeta Jones – Shoe collection

This space is truly mesmerising – whether you're a shoe girl or not.

Theepic wardrobe is completely decked out with floor to ceiling shelves with her impressive shoe collection stacked in colour order.

The collection is made up of a stunning display of colours – including red, blue pink and yellow – in addition to the more traditional nudes and blacks.

And this is just for her stilettos – imagine the rest of her wardrobe?

Jennifer Lopez – Entire floor

While some celeb wardrobes consist of entire rooms allocated to particular items of clothing, the singing superstar has an entire floor.

The space resembles that of a clothing department store with every inch of the area covered in luxurious clothes, shoes and bags.

There is plenty of floor space too which gives her plenty of room to model her outfits, and even has comfy chairs to lounge around in too.

Amanda Holden – Professionally styled

The popular TV host showed off her new wardrobe not long ago and fans were stunned by the impeccable order it contained.

The space includes a section for her shoes, and another entirely for her bags while her clothes were neatly hung in colour order, and in type.

Her wardrobe was redone by the Style Sisters who have overhauled many famous wardrobes.

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