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LOVE Island bombshell Coco Lodge has revealed that the hit dating show did nothing for her dating life – so much so that she’s only just broken her post-show dry spell. 

The 28-year-old from Surrey made her mark during her 12 days on the hit ITV2 dating show, coupling up with Andrew Le Page before he reunited with Tasha Ghouri. 

Now, speaking exclusively to Fabulous, Coco reveals how dating hasn’t been easier outside the villa either. 

She said: "When I came out of Love Island, I went six months without even kissing a boy. 

"The first date I went on wasn't until January this year.

“I was just so uninterested in even getting to know someone. 


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"I was processing this major life change that I'd been through – all the trolling I went through.

“Plus, talking to a lot of the girls from previous seasons, boys get flooded. They get girls left, right and centre. 

“But for the girls, it actually goes a bit dry. 

She added: “I probably would get turned off if I saw someone posting ads too.” 

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Although for Coco, the biggest turn-off now is when guys ‘fanboy’ over her. 

She added: "There was one person in December who I went to see – a completely new person, I’d never spoken to them before the show. 

“And he was like, ‘Oh my god, I can’t believe Coco from Love Island is in my house. I was watching you on TV and now you’re here’. 

“It was the biggest ick, fanboying. It’s so cringy.”


According to the former shot girl, who has now racked up more than 359,000 followers on TikTok, it wasn’t any easier trying to find love inside the villa, as producers give you limited time to make a connection. 

She said: “For Casa Amor, you get about four hours a day. They split you up from the boys for most of the time. 

“Honestly, you’d have time for about one chat with your guy a day, like it was actually wild. 

“It’s just such an unfair part of the show to go in because no one’s head is realistically going to turn in four hours. 

“I also think, a lot of the time, the producers don’t want people to fully turn their heads.

"They want people to turn their heads enough for the drama.” 

She continued: “I think as soon as you accept that you’re going into Casa Amor, you know that you’re not going to come out of the show with love and brand deals. 

“It’s a completely different part of the show to go in, and your opportunities just aren’t the same.

"It's one of those things where you just take what you can get from it."

Although she admits that the boys in the villa with her weren’t really her ‘type on paper’. 

“It would have been nice to come out with that because it’s a very good place to meet people. 

“I would have never met any of those people, realistically, 

“But none of them were for me. Looking back, they aren’t people I would date in the outside world.

“There’s a certain type of guy who goes on reality TV. When we were in there, we had cheeky chappies, rugby lads. 

“Andrew, bless him, very nice but very emotional. Not my type."


Despite having been through a devastating breakup just four months before heading into the villa, Coco claims to have been on the hunt for love. 

And while she didn’t find that, she did learn a few things when it comes to coupling up in the real world. 

“It’s made me realise I need to not be obsessed with every guy who shows me a bit of attention. 

“If I’m cuddling someone, my wall just comes straight down and I’m literally obsessed. 

“I think it’s good to have your wall up. I think what I’ve learned is, ‘why am I bringing my wall down for someone before he shows any investment in me?’

“In the past, I brought it down as soon as I thought someone was fit and I’ve had a good laugh with them, but actually you should wait until they’ve given you a lot more." 

“The biggest thing with dating which I always get wrong is that you need to go to places to meet people that aren’t clubs or bars because those guys are not the guys who are looking to settle down. 

“You need to start going to places to find the type of people who are looking for the same thing as you. 

“But I’m really bad at that because my type is guys who don’t settle down.”

Like the rest of us, Coco’s had her fair share of bad dates – and, of course, had been catfished. 

“So I broke up with my ex in February 2021, and I had a date with this guy a few weeks later. 

“His bio said he was like 6’ 2” or something, his face was so handsome. 

“But he turned up, got out of his car, and was way shorter than me – and I’m 5’ 2”. 

“And without being mean, because it really doesn’t matter, but I was really taken aback because he really should have been honest. 

“So my flatmate came in and pretended to cry so that I could end the whole thing. 

She’ll have to stick to meeting people in person, as unfortunately she’s still banned from the dating app Hinge. 

“I joined it in November and I was like, ‘I’m just going to see what’s out there. It’s been a long time, things are getting very dry’.

“And I think a lot of people reported me as a fake account as they obviously recognised me from the show. 

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“And Raya isn’t for me as I don’t like guys with clout. I don’t like footballers and stuff, that’s just not me. 

“I want someone quite low-key, normal and nice.”

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