Man self injects fillers when he can't get to clinic to maintain 'plastic' look

With lockdown having been in place for many weeks now, we’re all missing our hairdressers, nail techs, and aestheticians.

But – like trying to bleach your own hair – there are some things you just shouldn’t do yourself.

German man Stefan Streubel has not taken this advice, and is injecting lip fillers himself now that clinics are closed, using products he’s ordered from the internet.

The 27-year-old from Stuttgart started enhancing his lips two years ago and has since spent over €5,000 on fillers alone, with the aim of looking like a ‘plastic doll’.

Stefan told Truly: ‘My goal would be to have super fat lips one day, just like a rubber doll. I would just like to have lips that look like they are almost exploding at any moment, but I’m still far away from this goal.’

Although many people who undergo surgery prefer subtle enhancements, Stefan confesses that he wants people to describe him as ‘botched’.

He admits to being obsessed with plastic surgery – so much so, that when he can’t make it to the clinic, he often self-injects with substances that he has ordered online.

Despite his family and friends’ concerns over the safety of the procedures (specifically doing it at home) Stefan says he has no plans to stop, as he doesn’t feel confident without alterations.

He admits to comparing himself to others online, saying: ‘When I look at Instagram, everybody has such perfect bodies, is photogenic, everybody is just perfect and then I look at myself in the mirror and I think, “Oh God, this has to be changed, that has to be changed.”

‘I wouldn’t really label myself self-confident. I’m just a bit more self-confident since I’ve had some interventions done.’

Save Face, the UK register of accredited practitioners for non-surgical treatments say regarding home-injecting fillers: ‘Devastating infections, immune reactions and allergic responses can and do ensue, and once the injection is administered it cannot be taken out.

‘Reactions can include things like infection, swelling or flu-like symptoms, and disfigurement as well as many others.’

Because you can’t verify that products bought online are legitimate, you could end up injecting yourself with silicone or other substances.

One case even saw a woman who’d been injecting her face with cooking oil – and the disfigurement that is caused couldn’t be fixed despite multiple surgeries.

As much as you may want to keep your lips or cheeks topped up during this lockdown, please wait until you can see a licensed professional once we’re allowed to.

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