Mrs Hinch left red-faced after declaring Lee Ryan from Blue is her celebrity crush… without realising he follows her

MRS Hinch was left red-faced after she admitted Lee Ryan from Blue is her “celebrity crush” – and saw her video and replied to her on Instagram. 

The cleaning sensation, 30, declared her love for the singer, 36, without realising he follows her popular account. 

Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, had uploaded a fun clip of her cleaning her washing machine to Blue’s One Love track. 

She captioned it: “Who's your celeb crush? Mine is Lee from Blue, I wonder if he likes my washing machine drawer.”

Swiftly after posting the funny video, she was quick to share an embarrassed video saying that Lee is actually one of her 3.2million followers but she was unaware of this. 

Sophie said: “I have gone so red… Lee from Blue follows me and I don't know why I didn't see this before. I think I was following a fan page!

“And I feel hot, if you see this, ‘Hi, I'm Mrs Hinch, I don't normally look like this!’ I can't even talk!”

The saga continued when Mrs Hinch revealed that Lee had seen her message and was aware of her infatuation.

She said: “Erm, it's now come up as seen! He's seen my message! What is wrong with me? Jamie is cracking up, I'm literally shaking, I've had Lee on my wall for 30 years, I keep dribbling!”

It turned out that the boyband star had even messaged Mrs Hinch back in January after she had said she had previously said she loved him. 

He had then responded with a heart emoji, saying: “Everyone is sending me that video you posted.” 

Yesterday, Mrs Hinch replied: “Oh my gosh! I can't believe I missed your message! I was following a fan account not you real account! 

“But hi I'm Mrs Hinch and just think you're fab! 

“And you have an amazing voice. Ps: I had a poster of Blue on my bedroom wall for four years! And I drew a heart around your face all the best! Xxx.”

Mrs Hinch’s night was made even further when Lee sent her a personal video message, which said: “Amazing, so happy, thank you so much and yeah, yeah, wow. I feel privileged. Go on Mrs Hinch!”

Mrs Hinch has racked up a loyal following of fans, and is particularly endearing thanks to her heartwarming and comical bloopers. 

In November, she was left in hysterics after accidentally telling her 2.9million followers that she uses Durex instead of Dulux on her walls. 

And when she was pregnant with baby Ronnie, she recommended bum oil to her large following – not realising what it was. 

Mrs Hinch appeared on Virgin Radio on Chris Evans Breakfast Show last year and admitted she feels it is “daunting” how she has been “dropped into the public eye.”

In a clip posted on the Virgin Radio Instagram, she spoke of her friendship with Loose Women star Stacey Solomon and how the TV star had reached out to her. 

Mrs Hinch said: “She’s helped me so much. It’s daunting when I don’t know how this has happened this journey, I don’t know how I’ve dropped into this public eye.

“But somehow it’s happened and with a newborn and everything it can be quite scary and Stacey messaged me one day and said ‘are you alright?’

“And I was like no! And she turned up at my house with McDonald’s.”

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