Mum reveals why you must wash your kids' teddies WEEKLY as she shares grim dirt picture

WASHING clothes, bedding and towels might seem never-ending in your household – with multiple loads washed and dried on a weekly basis.

But one mum has revealed why you should be washing your kids' teddies just as often, after sharing a grim snap of blackened bath water left behind after a strip wash.

The Australian mum admitted that she tries to wash her kids' stuffed toys on a regular basis in a bid to keep them looking clean.

But despite this, they still appeared to be holding onto A LOT of dirt as she revealed the results of a strip wash .

Absolutely disgusted, she posted in theMums Who Clean Facebook group, and wrote: "Strip washed the kids’ bunnies today ? These are cleaned almost weekly in a normal machine wash."

She shared a snap of the fluffy toys before the clean and after, as well as the murky water in which they'd soaked in.

She also shared the strip-wash method, revealing that she'd used a mix of"borax powder, washing soda, washing liquid and boiling water".

She then left them to soak until the water turned cold – and the results are horrifying.

Shocked by what she saw, one mum wrote: "Now I will be going home after my round and washing all my kids soft toys!"

And another admitted: "Omg I’ve never washed my daughters bunnies I’m going to vomit I have to wash them asap."

While a third added: "I definitely need to do this our bunnies are looking a little yucky even after a wash

How to strip wash:

The woman shared her method:

  • 2 tbsp. borax powder
  • 2 tbsp washing soda
  • 1/4 cup washing liquid (or powder)
  • Boiling hot water (instead of hot tap water)

Soak until water is cold then chuck them in the washing machine for a normalhot wash cycle. Hang them inside to dry

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