Parents trick son, 3, with hilarious viral Nutella prank and his reaction is priceless

A PARENTS prank has gone viral after the couple smeared chocolate on their three-year-old boy and convinced him it was poo. 

In the video that's been shared online, the young boy named Frankie was left gagging at the thought of being completely covered in the brown stuff – which his parents later revealed was Nutella.

Mum-of-two Rubee Adams, 22, caught the hilarious moment on video which showed Frankie's dad, Bobby Smith initiating the joke.

It started with Bobby, 24,  asking his son to fetch him some toilet paper, and upon returning he smeared the chocolate spread on Frankie's arm claiming it was poo.

Falling for the prank, the youngster quickly tried to remove the "poo"  by rubbing his arm on the nearby sofa, but his prankster dad wiped more on the little guys nose telling him to "smell it" – further adding to his distress.

It wasn't  long before the unimpressed Frankie started gagging at the thought of being covered in the brown stuff, which had his parents in hysterics.

But luckily for Frankie the prank only last just under one minute before he was told the truth, after his mum Rubbee decided it was time to end the joke, to which he just "laughed and walked off."

Speaking of the funny moment, Rubee said:"Frankie almost started crying when Bobby wiped the chocolate on him.

"He's always gagging at his little sister, Elsie, who is eight months old, when she has done a poo, so I knew this would be the perfect prank – he's such a funny character."

The playful parents got the idea from a new trend of pranks parents are pulling on their children, tricking them into believing that chocolate is poo.

Since Rubee uploaded the video to her Facebook, it's been shared more than 26,000 times and seen by over a million people – and has also been featured on the popular Tradesman Banter Facebook page.

She said: "I have been shocked by the amount of people who have viewed the video as it's now over one million which is crazy.

"We've both received dozens of messages from people who find it just as funny as us."

Speaking to The Hull, Rubee said:“It’s harmless fun, and you can see that Frankie is grinning in the video.

“This is the first time I have ever done anything like this, and it was so funny.

“I keep telling Frankie he’s famous and he just keeps saying, ‘Yeah’.”

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