People are just realising how ballpoint pens actually work and are amazed they didn't realise earlier | The Sun

SOMETIMES you use something everyday but don't ever stop to think about how it actually works.

Well that's exactly what happened to one woman who was in total disbelief when she realised how ballpoint pens work.

Sharing on her TikTok account, Amber reacted to an extreme close-up clip of a pen gliding across a sheet of paper.

She watched in amazement as she realised that ballpoint pens are called that for a reason – there's an actual ball.

That's right, it's not just a name, but Amber and other TikTok users had no idea.

She said: "I'm 24-years-old and didn't know this is how a pen actually works, it's rolling!"

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The original video Amber reacted to has a whopping 78.2 million views, with people equally amazed by the mechanism.

Despite Amber's disbelief, others were shocked that others didn't already know how a pen produces ink.

One joked: "So what did you think they meant by BALL POINT?"

A second wrote: "I didn't realise some people didn't know this… it's in the name."

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Amber replied to one of the comments explaining why she was so shocked: "Is it because I've never seen it up close like that so it's blown my mind? Idk I feel super stupid."

But others were just a flabbergasted as Amber, "No way, how did I not know this my life has been a lie," one person commented."

And someone else quipped: "There's no way!!"

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