Pregnant Pippa Middleton revealed how she got THAT bikini body just 11 weeks after giving birth to first child – The Sun

PIPPA Middleton is expecting her second baby with husband James Matthews, according to reports.

The sporty mum-of-one previously shared how she got toned weeks after the birth to her first baby, Arthur Michael William Matthews, in 2018.

In 2019, Pippa showed off her toned body during a lavish family holiday in the Caribbean just 11 weeks after giving birth.

Pippa, 37, who is married to hedge fund financier James Matthews, revealed her 10-week tone-up plan in her Waitrose Weekend column.

The fitness fanatic suggests sports from boxing and indoor climbing to jumping on a trampoline, with the first week being dedicated to powerwalking at a high intensity.

She advises people begin their toning process with planks, which have clearly been key to sculpting her incredible washboard abs.

For her week two regime, she recommends doing “up down planks”, “tricep dips”, “kneeling diamond push-ups” and “band curls”.

When week three hits, it’s time to focus on “definition and strength”, and Pippa recommends doing  two to three full-body weight sessions with a stretchy band.

This can be doing rowing-like motions on the floor and overarm stretches.

Pippa advised that week four should be focusing on a fitness activity you enjoy, preferably in the “fresh air” and “nature” to help give your cheeks a “healthy glow”.

Next you should focus on “core exercise” for week five, with her personal favourite being Pilates as it leaves her feeling “refreshed and invigorated”.

After this, you should turn your attention to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to burn fat in week six.

For this, Pippa recommended doing 30 seconds of squat jumps, side skaters, burpees and jump lunges, and then repeating this four times.

Pippa is a member of the exclusive £8,000-a-year KX gym in Chelsea – whose members include Hugh Grant and Eddie Redmayne – but you can do these exercises at home if you wish.

Week seven should see you increase your flexibility exercises like Pilates and yoga, and week eight should focus on mobility.

This week’s workouts can include doing squats with leg raises, lunges and side plank crunches.

And it’s good news for week nine, as Pippa recommends having a few days to rest and loosen muscles using a foam roller.

You can even develop a shapely rear like Pippa by sitting on the roller with the left ankle on the right thigh, with your weight shifted to the left.

Then you roll back and forth ten times, before shifting to the right side.


  • WEEK ONE: Powerwalk your way to health
  • WEEK TWO: Set yourself a fitness plan and do planks and band curls
  • WEEK THREE: Definition and strength work using stretchy band
  • WEEK FOUR: Find a fitness activity you enjoy – preferably in the 'fresh air'
  • WEEK FIVE: Work on core exercise, doing activities such as yoga
  • WEEK SIX: High Intensity Interval Training – including burpees and jump lunges
  • WEEK SEVEN: Flexibility exercises like yoga
  • WEEK EIGHT: Exercise for mobility with lunges and side plank crunches
  • WEEK NINE: Take a rest day or two
  • WEEK TEN: Time for full-body bootcamp

Week ten should be a celebration of all you’ve achieved, along with planning what comes next in your fitness regime.

Pippa recommends full body bootcamps that include skipping, step ups, incline push ups and beach dips to help tone your entire body.

She added: “Similarly, if you haven’t tried boxing, give it a go – time flies and you get a great full-body work out.

“Other sports to try are outdoor bootcamps like British Military Fitness, or indoor spinning and body resistance exercises such as TRX.”

Credit: Waitrose
Credit: Waitrose

During her pregnancy she said she exercised for 45 minutes up to four times a week in her first trimester, depending on her energy levels.

Although she is a running fanatic, she said she gave it up while she was carrying her baby, and focused on other workouts.

She said she played tennis right up until her third trimester and added in ballet-style workouts and meditations into her routine.


According to the NHS, it's perfectly safe to keep exercising in pregnancy, whether that's yoga, running or dancing.

The more active and fit you are during pregnancy, the easier it will be for you to adapt to your changing shape and weight gain. It will also help you to cope with labour and get back into shape after the birth.

However, pregnant women are advised against contact sports such as judo, scuba diving, exercise that involves long periods lying on your bag and exercising at altitude.

Source: NHS.

When it comes to her diet, Pippa isn’t a fan of skipping meals – and who can blame her with all that exercise.

She has said previously: “I try to eat whole-grain, energy-fuelled carbohydrates and three meals a day.”

If she is being strict for an event, she will cut back on alcohol, refined sugar and processed food.

Pippa told the i newspaper that a typical breakfast was: "Almost everything, but lots of porridge or boiled eggs with soldiers."

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