Queen Camilla ditched £130 accessory ‘in respect of Queen Elizabeth II’

Queen Camilla, 75, frequently wore her Fitbit over the last few years as the Duchess of Cornwall. But since becoming Queen, Camilla does not seem to favour the smartwatch anymore, and instead wears a much more expensive watch. Style experts spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk to explain why this decision was in line with royal protocol, and would likely be made out of respect for the late Queen Elizabeth.

Steven Stone’s Creative Director, Maxwell Stone, exclusively spoke to Express.co.uk to explain why.

He said: “Queen Camilla was first seen without her FitBit in September 2022, following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. In the absence of her fitness tracker, the royal was wearing her Cartier Ceinture Watch and has been ever since.

“The most likely reason for Camilla’s accessory switch is that she was required to follow strict royal mourning guidelines along with the Royal Family and their household.”

The jewellery expert went on to explain the difference in value between the two watches.

Mr Stone claimed: “While it’s not been confirmed which exact fitness tracker Camilla uses, it appears to be the rose gold and grey Fitbit Charge 3, which currently retails for £130.

“First launched in 1927, the Cartier Ceinture Watch was reproduced in 1973, as part of the Louis Cartier collection.

“Shaped like a belt buckle, the timepiece boasts an interesting square case featuring corners that appear to be cut, and the winding crown is set with a blue sapphire.

“Camilla’s appears to be adorned with a black leather strap. A hidden gem of the vintage watch market, the model tends to sell for an average of £4,000.”

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Style expert Kay Wyer also spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk, saying: “The Queen Consort may have opted for a more traditional and luxurious timepiece that adds value and elevates her overall outfit. 

“This choice aligns with the Queen Consort’s position as a senior member of the Royal Family and highlights the importance of maintaining a certain level of elegance and formality in her appearance.”

Andrew Morgan, the in-house watch expert at Watchfinder & Co., exclusively offered other explanations to Express.co.uk as to why Queen Camilla now wears a £4,000 Cartier watch.

He said: “It is possible that Camilla chose to switch the fitness tracker for a finer choice in respect of Queen Elizabeth II, who was also a fan of the Parisian jeweller and watchmaker.

“The love for Cartier runs deep within the Royal Family, with the Queen Mother; Catherine, Princess of Wales; Diana, Princess of Wales; and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex also wearing the famed brand.

“It is also likely that in her duties as Queen, Camilla feels a formal look not offered by the Fitbit is more appropriate.”

According to the watch expert, the Queen Consort is a huge fan of the Parisian jeweller.

Mr Morgan suggested: “The gold Ceinture, worth an estimated £4,000, isn’t the only Cartier Camilla has been seen wearing.

“She has also sported a steel and gold Panthere worth around £3,500 and a gold Tank Louis Cartier worth around £4,500. All three watches are vintage and suitably elegant for royalty.

“Camilla’s love for Cartier goes more than skin deep. When gifted what looked like a Cartier watch by Sir Peter Ricketts, she quickly spotted that it was a fake and that Sir Peter had indeed played a practical joke, with the watch actually costing a mere £8.50.”

In addition, style expert Bella Hignett exclusively told Express.co.uk: “I think Camilla wears a Cartier Tank watch which I think is from the 1980s and looks to be in excellent condition. 

“I imagine the Fitbit was a gift from a family member and a bit of fun, maybe to see how many steps she was doing on all of her royal duties or to just simply monitor her health as she approaches her mid-70s.”

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