‘Sentimental’ Princess Mary of Denmark altered engagement ring to better represent family

Kate Middleton meets Crown Princess Mary in Denmark

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Some royal engagements are simple and classic, some are over the top. But there’s only one word to describe the ring Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark gave to Mary Donaldson: patriotic. Over the years, however, Crown Princess Mary’s engagement ring has been altered to represent much more than just the country she serves. 

Frederik presented the ring to Mary in 2003 – a couple of years after they first met at the Sydney Olympics in 2000. 

The ring, as it was originally made, featured a central emerald-cut diamond flanked by a pair of ruby baguettes.

The colours were chosen specifically by Frederik because they’re the colours of Denmark’s flag.

A ruby itself represents much more, as Steven Stone jewellers explained. 

They said: “Rubies are a very desirable gemstone due to their hardness and durability. 

“Often associated with wealth and prosperity, many ancient crowns were decorated with rubies because they represented good fortune and courage. 

“Tied to love, passion and raw emotion, the ruby’s deep red colour perfectly encapsulates the love shared between Prince Frederik and the Crown Princess. 

“The gemstones hardness and durability also has a part to play, signifying the strength and longevity of their relationship.”

Following the royal wedding in May 2004, Mary began stacking the engagement ring with her diamond-set wedding band.

In recent years, however, the engagement ring has been altered – two more diamonds have been added, one on either side of the ring. 

It is said the additional jewels are to represent Mary’s family – Frederik and their four children. 

Steven Stone’s leading diamond expert, Maxwell Stone, discussed the value of the ring. 

He said: “With a 1.50 carat emerald-cut diamond centre stone, sat between two 70 point emerald cut rubies, Princess Mary of Denmark’s stunning engagement ring originally had an estimated value of £30,000.

“Since her wedding to Prince Frederik, the Crown Princess has added two 50 point diamond baguettes. 

“They have undoubtedly increased the value and I’d estimate this to be £38,000.  

“When we see a ring with multiple stones like this, they typically represent something. 

“It’s likely that Princess Mary’s alteration is a sentimental one, with the four stones reportedly representing the couple’s four children.”

Mary and Frederik’s four children are Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine. 

The change to her engagement ring came after the birth of the twins – Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine in 2011. 

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