Stacey Solomon shows how she cleans her ‘gross’ make-up brushes – without using soap

STACEY SOLOMON has revealed how she gets her make-up brushes looking good as new – without forking out on expensive cleaners and soaps.

Make-up fans would know that scrubbing your brushes after use is the first step to a flawless, and germ-free, finish – so finding a fuss-free technique is essential.

The Essex-based mum-of-three, 30, decided to wash the brushes after spotting them dirty in her bathroom sink.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Stacey admitted that she went to brush her teeth and couldn't look past the 'gross' brushes she'd left there earlier.

To get them fresh and clean again, she revealed that she uses an exfoliating sponge from Village Wax Melts, which already has moisturising soap inside – so there's no need for extra brush cleansers or soaps.

The £4.99 tool is designed for your body, but leave it to Stace to find another brilliant use for it as she managed to get her brushes spotless.

The Loose Women panellist demonstrated how she scrubs them clean, by rubbing the bristles over the sponge in a circular motion.

She held the sponge under running water as she got to work on each brush, which caused the soap to foam up.

She admitted that the sponge is "perfect for scrubbing brushes", with the brand also adding it's great at removing fake tan .

Stacey wrote on her stories: "Never realised how perfect it was until now. I don't have to get any soaps or scrubbers out, just rub them on there and wash."

  • Exfoliating Soap Sponges, £4.99 from Village Wax Melts – buy here

On a snap of the dirty brushes, she wrote: "I'm laughing so much at how gross they are. I had work twice this week. Maybe I should have just shown the after, but the 'tap to tidy' is just so satisfying."

And the body sponge proved to work a charm, as the thee mum-of-three showed off the incredible results – with the brushes looking brand new.

She wrote: "I only wanted to brush my teeth. I'm happy I've done them now though and they look brand new which brings me so much joy."

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