This ‘Miracle Brow Maker’ Is Currently Just $3 on Amazon

If you want to kick today off with a fun brain stretch, try to imagine 53,000 people. It's the size of a small Italian city, if that helps. And now, imagine that every single person in that city tried Maybelline's Total Temptation Eyebrow Definer Pencil, and 70 percent of them were like, "Yup, five stars. Can't be beat." 

That's reality, outside of the Italian city metaphor. Maybelline's ultra popular brow pencil — which is now up to 57 percent off — has scored more than 37,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, where it's the site's top-selling brow pencil. At $7, it's always affordable, but with some shades marked down to $3, there's never been a better time to join the population of Maybelline lovers with fabulous brows.

According to shoppers, the little pink pencil is the easiest possible way to get natural, long-lasting brows that look flush with growth (even if that couldn't be farther from the truth). The mechanical tip is shaped into a precisely angled point which creates brows that look incredibly authentic, according to hundreds of reviewers. 

Where some automatic brow pencils give you convenience at the price of sharpness, the Total Temptation pencil negates the issue with its diamond shape. Proof: One shopper writes that despite trying almost every product in the brow space, Maybelline's is the best for "total control," meaning no wonky brows after a minor hand slip.    

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Shop now: $3 (Originally $7);

Also impressive is the pencil's longevity, with many reviewers praising its long-lasting color. Shoppers write that it stays put so well, they can go two to three days without touching them up, a feat they accurately call "a legit miracle." Daily use gives the pencil an overall lifetime of four months, a respectable get from a $3 pencil (farewell, dropping $25 for a few inches of brow product every two months). 

Those with scarce eyebrows in particular swear by the pencil, explaining that it superbly fills in bare spots on brows thinned from PCOS, age, and years of over-plucking. After a quick routine of brushing hairs up with the double-sided pencil's spoolie, lightly outlining the shape they want, and sketching in faux brow hairs, shoppers say they're left with brows that would fool anyone into thinking they're just naturally lush. 

"It's easy to use and truly a miracle item," one shopper writes, after temporarily losing their brows from chemotherapy and struggling to find something that didn't look artificial. Another agrees in a review titled "it's kinda magical," writing: "This is seriously a miracle brow maker. You honestly can't really mess things up while using this." For $3 bucks, we'll take that bet.  

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