Thrifty mum makes a reusable pad for Mrs Hinch’s favourite Flash mop to cut down on costs and people love the idea

EARLIER this month, Mrs Hinch revealed her favourite mop which comes with a built in cleaning solution with interchangeable absorbing pads – and it went flying off the shelves. 

But rather then spending the extra dosh on pad replacements for the Flash Power Mop, one thrifty mum and Flash mop user came up with a genius way to continue using her favourite mop without breaking the bank.

Michaela Louise Jackson revealed that she was going through the pads so quickly that she wanted to come up with something that was "reusable and better for the environment" too.

So she put her crocheting skills to use and created a handmade mop pad – and it's completely genius.

Michaela shared her handy hack on her Facebook page, Kayla's Crochet, and revealed that her guilt-free mopping method works so well by spritzing some Zoflora cleaning spray on the pad before swooshing it across the floor.

The crotchet pad clips over the mop in place of the Flash pads and can be removed and washed at any time.

The mop usually retails for about £30 with a pack of eight pads costing roughly £5 pounds a pop – think of all the money you'd save.

Speaking of the wonder mop, Mrs Hinch said: "I really love this mop guys …They are selling out really quickly in shops which doesn't surprise me at all.

The cleaning device promises to "loosen and lift away even stubborn dirt, grease and grime" and looks ideal for people with tiles or laminate flooring.

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