Thrifty woman shows how to upcycle a boring vase using just nothing but NAPKINS – The Sun

A CRAFTY woman has proven there's no need to splash out on expensive accessories for the home after demonstrating how to decorate a vase using NAPKINS.

The savvy woman shared a step-by-step guide to making a statement piece of home decor using just a cheap vase, a napkin and some paint supplies.

Taking to TikTok, savvy craft fan Megan, who also runs her own handmade good company, showed how she achieved the amazing DIY vases in a series of video clips.

First, she gave the vase a few coats of plain white paint, finishing the top layer off by dabbing a washing up sponge all over for a smooth finish without brush marks.

Then she selected napkins covered with illustrations of butterflies and flowers and carefully cut around each shape.

Next, she separated out each layer of the napkin and put the top layer – the one with the clearest image of the illustration – to one side.

After applying Mod Podge craft glue, she applied each shape to the vase, pushing out any air bubbles and securing it in place with an extra lick of the glue on top.

Finally, she took the vase outside and sprayed it with a layer of Wilko's lacquer spray, which costs £5.50 for a 400ml canister.

The crafty TikTok user showed off a collection of vases she had decorated with different napkin patterns, including sunflowers, roses and butterflies.

Fellow TikTok users were quick to compliment the woman on her impressive DIY creations.

One woman commented: "Ooh great idea love sunflowers guna give it a go myself."

Another added: "Love it, going to try this out in the morning. Thanks for sharing."

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