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LOOKING AFTER one toddler is hard enough, now imagine four.

Well one family do in fact have four boys under five and share their hectic days over on TikTok.

Phil Mackenzie, admits parenting the four boys can be a total nightmare after trying to get the entire family out for a coffee, and it seems people who viewed the video couldn’t agree more.

Phil, a former rugby player and now owner of LeanSquad, started the video showing himself taking his sons, Hudson, twins Boden and Preston, and newborn son out to the coffee shop.

He said: “Realistic (exhausting) morning with our four boys under five-years-old.”

“This is your reminder next time you try and do something nice to just leave the kids at home,” he captioned the post.


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Unsurprisingly, Phil said it felt like he hadn't slept in weeks and decided to head off to the spare room to get some sleep before being woken up to three of his boys.

Fortunately his eldest son Hudson woke the twins up and they all headed down stairs for breakfast.

But the mayhem had started early – at 7am Phil was already cleaning the smoothie spilled all over the kitchen table as he forgot to put lids on.

While making anew smoothie the boys had their first fight of the day before completely turning the front room upside down.

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Phil added there was also a fight about a cheerio, but once it had been settled the family decided to get ready to go the coffee shop for the morning.

The boys had taken their cars and bikes out with them but of course, half way through decide they no longer wanted them leaving Phil to carry them all.

At 11am, the boys started screaming and Phill added: “This is where things went really down hill.

“For some reason, Preston wanted to remind us that we should leave kids at home when we do nice things”

The boys then settled for a nap to let the parents get some hard earned rest.

The video has since gone viral with over two million views and 285k likes.

And it seemed many people shared one thought – that the video of the busy family day was enough to act as birth control.

One wrote: "This is birth control."

Another person commented: "Whelp that’s my one and done confirmed."

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A third penned: "This makes me not want to have kids…. Except that I already have 3 of them."

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "Reaffirming my choice to get sterilized last month."

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