Woman claims TIN FOIL is the secret to getting grimey draining boards gleaming like new again

EVER get frustrated that your draining boards don’t look shiny and squeaky clean? The trick might be to use tin foil. 

Believe it or not, but a Mrs Hinch fan has revealed that using the metallic wrap as a scrubber is her secret trick to cleaning her kitchen. 

The best part is you don’t need to splash out on some fancy cleaning products, as most people already have foil in their drawers. 

Taking to the Hinch Army Cleaning Tips group, she wrote: “Just thought I’d post this little trick my dad told me about a while ago. 

“Hot water, fairy liquid and tin foil! Tear a bit off and scrunch it up and scrub, it gets everything off and won’t scratch! 

“Great for things like round your taps as you can mould the foil how you want and get in little gaps! 

“Then just anti bac after and it’s Clean. It’s simple and cheap and something everyone already has at home.”

She then uploaded before and after photos, and the difference between the two was astounding. 

While the before shot looked dirty and matte, after she scrubbed with foil, the surface was shiny and as good as new. 

Many people were impressed with her purse-friendly hack, and took to the comments to share their views. 

One said: “Going to try this, just had some builders in and they’ve made a mess of my sink!”, and another added: “Fab idea.”

And one said: “It's good for rust too and bottom of pans.”

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