Woman claims you’ve been cooking your pasta all wrong – and it’s all to do with your colander

PASTA is a family favourite dish cooked by thousands of Brits every week, but it turns out you’ve been draining your pasta all wrong.

TikTok user Dani Khalil, who uses the handle @daniiirara, revealed the "right" way to use a colander when cooking in the kitchen.

"I was today years old when I realised I should cook pasta IN the colander to save my back. Am I the only one?" she said.

"Pasta is life… now I feel a bit silly."

Dani then went on to show herself putting her colander in a pot before pouring in her pasta of choice.

"My Italian ancestors would be soooo disappointed I'm sure," she wrote in a comment.

"Have had this pot and colander for a longggg time. My nonna is for sure turning in her grave in disappointment at me."

While it might seem simple, it has proven to be a hit with viewers, as at the time of writing it had almost 160k views and thousands of comments.

Many people couldn't believe that they hadn't thought of the idea themselves.

"Ohhh my god why di I not put two and two together," one person said.

"I never knew but wowww," said another.


Someone else added: "Giiiirl I never knew this either."

Not everyone was impressed with the hack, which they expressed in the comment section.

"Save you a whole 10 seconds?" a commenter asked.

Dani responded: "I have terrible upper body strength to lift a large pot, a small change like this will help me. It's the little things sometimes."

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