Woman 'dies of embarrassment' after repairman spots sex toy stuck on bathroom wall

A WOMAN was left wanting to ‘die of embarrassment’ after a handyman spotted a large sex toy she had forgotten she stuck to her bathroom wall. 

Jem Calvert, from Belfast, revealed how her boiler repairman had asked to use her toilet, and had been forced to brush past the large toy. 

Civil servant Jem wrote on Facebook: “So I have this hilarious dildo in my house because who doesn’t have one that one of your friends have bought for hilarious jokes.

"I was cleaning my bathroom last night and bleaching everything and this dildo has been in it for months so I took it out and stuck it on the wall while cleaning because why not.

“[So] I went to bed and then went to work. When I came home there was a man at my door saying about checking my boiler.

“I let him in and he asked to use the toilet and I was like ‘yeah there’s loads of bags and rubbish in there so just move it out of the way’.

“I heard the door shut and then I realised about this stupid dildo stuck on the wall and I actually wanted to scream because there was no TV or anything on in my house, pure silence, just me and the dildo and my boiler man.

“This man obviously had to walk past this dildo with it brushing his leg to pee. Please I am so embarrassed and want to die 8 thousand deaths I thought sh*t like this only happened in f***ing movies.”

Jem said that when the man came out of the toilet, there was complete silence between them. 

Unsurprisingly, her cringeworthy tale has caused a stir online, and racked up more than 2,100 shares and 5,500 likes. 

One person wrote: “Best thing I have ever read hahaha.”

And another added: “I am crying.”

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