Woman reveals list of demands her husband has issued her to improve their sex life – and it’s totally divided opinion | The Sun

A WOMAN whose husband issued her a list of demands to ensure they have "better quality sex" has divided opinion after sharing her situation online.

She took to Mumsnet's Am I Being Unreasonable? forum to admit she felt "inconvenienced by DH (dear husband) wanting 'better quality' sex".

Beginning her post by revealing her husband had blamed her lack of effort for his difficulty getting an erection, she continued: "He said he just wants a few basic things to make the sex better.

"He said he doesn't expect these every time but some of the times."

She went on to list the requests, which included "a bit of make-up", "hair not looking a mess" and "shaven public hair".

He also asked that she should "have a wash beforehand".

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"Are these things reasonable to expect of you before sex?" the woman asked.

"To be honest I just cba (can't be a*sed) to do these things in order to have sex but I also have to understand sex is based on attraction so I am being lazy to not want to do these things.

"But equally we are TTC (trying to conceive) and to be frank it's wearing me out and I just cannot be bothered."

She insisted she didn't want people to comment "saying what a t**t my husband sounds", adding: "I'm not here to roast him".

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"I'm genuinely wanting to know if people make an effort for sex and if so, is the above ask fair?" she concluded.

People were quick to weigh in on the woman's situation, with one writing: "Oh dear if you are TTC and this is where you are before you've even got children, I can't see your sex life lasting very long."

"It sounds like he's deflecting from his problem by giving you a ridiculous tick box list of requirements that you'll never be able to fulfill, so he can blame you instead of taking responsibility," another added.

"If a man asked me to shave my pubic hair and wear makeup before sex i'd be off.

"I wouldn't be having a baby with this man."

"Sounds like he is criticising you because he’s projecting his own insecurities," another added.

"Who on earth thinks you should put makeup on to go to bed??

"That’s just flat out weird."

But others insisted that asking her to have a wash before they had sex was anything but unreasonable.

"I think a wash is a basic minimum," one wrote.

"It’s going to be really unpleasant, and potentially stomach churning, for both of you if the other hasn’t washed and is a bit whiffy."

As another added: "If you can't be a**ed being clean… then i imagine sex really isn't much fun at all."

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"I would have thought being clean was a pretty basic requirement tbh," a third commented.

"Nobody wants to be smushing claggy genitals together."

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