Woman transforms godmother's under stairs shoe cupboard in just hours using £3 Asda organiser and £8 Amazon lights

WE'VE all been there – struggling to find a matching pair of shoes when we're getting ready in the morning.

However, one woman has successfully transformed her godmother's under stairs shoe cupboard on a budget.

Posting on Facebook group 'Organise My UK Home Ltd', the member called Hoi-Yin revealed how she had got the storage space super-tidy using four affordable products, as well as two already lying around.

Captioning before and after pictures of the cupboard, she wrote: "Just spent the evening reorganising my god mum's under stair shoe cupboard on a very cheap budget."

The cleaning fan explained that she had used an existing wooden shoe rack and bag hook that was already buried beneath a mound of footwear.

She then listed a series of cheap purchases she had made to ensure all the pairs were now arranged so they were easily accessible.

This included motion sensor strip lights, now costing £7.99, and a £14.99 shoe organiser – both from Amazon.

The woman also picked up a hanging shoe organiser from Asda priced at £3.50, and a £4 handbag organiser from IKEA.

Her post was popular with fellow social media users who left over a hundred 'likes'.

One person wrote: "Wow what a difference."

  • Motion sensor activated LED light strips, £7.99, Amazon – buy here

Another commented: "Bet you feel great after that."

A third shared: "Looks perfect."

And a fourth joked: "Please can you come and do mine?"

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